#313bis – Nintendo – Mario – Peach N°23

Some useless stats to start the blog
 – I reach 10.000 comment posted on Hentaifoundry (see it here)
 – No more followers since two months… What a bad news.
 – More than 279.000 pageviews… that’s a nice score but do you think I’ll reach the million a day?
– 770Mo datas the my Rosalina x Girl folder, it start be be really huge for the dropbox… ^^

– 0.25$ per month with publicity… Clicks are not for myself but for more commissions, events like “Your dream by…” and contests. Please guys, it’s a fast and really powerfull support for the blog.


I promise than each drawing of the contest will have his own post and I think it must be great to start if I want to talk about all of them before the end of the year… first post as honnor to the winner of the Rosalina x girl contest who happened on Deviantart and it’s a really lovely Rosalina x Peach by endoh69. This pairing is really popular, it’s the 23th time this airing appear on the blog but they are from the same universe so are perfect together. Once again congrat to endoh69 for his 1st place…

I played in a very thin line between sexines, hotness and cuteness here, I think you can say this is hot, but not at the point it is erotic, bu at the same time i think is very cute because their hugging each other in a lovely way ” and I totally agree with endoh69. They are really lovely and romantic, it’s sexy but it’s not hard, more tender and soft but still a really powerfull piece… °w°

In fact endoh69 don’t only drew Rosalina so lovely as you can see here. There is some other pieces of her in your galley than you can buy packs with uncensored or naked version and I must admit the gangbang with Luma (you can see the censored version) is one of the hottest pic of Rosalina I ever see. she’s damn hot and pervert so if you are curious you can see endoh69’s packs here.

endoh69 also planned to stop his account on july but due to some problems with university his account will stay alive for several months. I don’t know if I have to say than I’m sad abotu these troubles or happy than endoh69 is still here but I have more time to convince him never stop to draw. But you can also help me guys… eh eh… ^^

Last thing, I said than endoh69 sell illustrations packs (see them here) but you can also commission him. 20$ per character for a colored piece is a great price so if you have a little more money than me don’t hesitate send him a note thought there is extra cost if you ask for mature content. Be careful about that point but that’s not a reason don’t take a look to endoh69‘s profile and gallery… Oh yeah…

Artist: Endoh69 / Cost: special contest

One year ago: Disney – Jasmine
Added to wishlist: Lily from Illusion of time (see it here)


  1. Anonymous

    The artist should just release the uncensored version of “Rosalina gangbang” for free on a different site that’s fine with lewd art being posted.

    I’d only take money for commissions, not for selling it.

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      I agree than it’s not the same thing than a commission when you pay for a drawing and your idea but it’s really more expensive and everybody will enjoy the drawing.

      In this case the drawing will be only for some buyers so it’s like you have the exclusivity and I think you love it since you want the artist share it.. ^^

      Maybe you can commission Endoh69 if you want, his art is really amazing…

  2. Anonymous

    meh. :/

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      What ?

  3. Fiona

    Nice, but that luma orgy NEVER should’ve been censored to begin with. Seeing it censored is an instant deal breaker for me. I can’t fully appreciate it because of those censors. DeviantART isn’t a pay-to-view porn site. Thanks to the Starmen and black bars, I can’t support this artist. Therefore, I’ll never commission this artist, nor will I buy it.

    Sorry. I know I’m not the only one out there who thinks this.

  4. Cane751

    Sweet! That artist would SO be one of my top favorite artist if it wasn’t censored. I guess only two people in the whole world has the uncensored version: the artist & the blog owner. xD


    1. Rosalina x Girl

      I know what you mean, but sincerely when you buy a book or comic you didn’t commissioned it but you buy it because you lvoe it, it’s not the same thing as a commission but it’s it’s how Endoh69 work and every1 have their oppinions, we have to respect every of them.

      By the way you are wrong about one point, I’m not the only you bought the uncensored version. Like I said you can ask for a special price just for this drawing and it happen more often than you think… ^^

    2. Cane751

      I really, really think Endoh should release this. It doesn’t have to be all his work. Just the one where Rosalina’s having fun with lumas. <3 When Mina (I think) drew Vivian X Rosalina for us over at Cutepet.org, I was like: “This is one of the best Rosalina pics I’ve ever seen!” when I first saw it. This Luma sex party has the same effect on me. ^_^ I can’t really tell if it’s vaginal or anal sex she’s having. xD

      You kinda lost me at “books”. People share around books and comic books all the time. *Library*

      If I was Endoh I would:
      1. Discontinue sells on the Rosalina gangbang
      2. Remove Rosalina gangbang from the uncensored bundle, and reduce the price.
      3. For those who bought the Rosalina gangbang gets one unexclusive free request for those who paid aren’t at a loss.
      4. Release Rosalina gangbang to the public.

      It’s a win-win imo. 😉

    3. Rosalina x Girl

      Eh eh, that’s useless, you can’t change anything… Cutepet drew Rosalina, Reiq drew Rosalina and she’s in a lot of pay sites but this time it’s not a problem for you than you have to pay for the full version… You lost me too…

      This drawing is the property of Endoh69, he can share it or sell it. you can buy the full version to support endoh69 and also give him interest to draw more free illustrations… “
      It’s a win-win imo”

    4. Cane751

      Maybe if you looked at my comment a little bit more closely and carefully you’ll see what point I’m talking about, then maybe something in head your head would click. Btw, I’m a member of both those sites, Cutepet and Reiq, so I don’t know why threw that in face. You missed what I’ve said completely, I was giving the Luma party a good grade, and here are twisting my words. :/

      I still think the artist should share this great piece. When I got permission, I shared Rosalina X Vivian (uncensored) on other sites, and because of that… more people noticed CP. It seems you’re just getting mad because a lot of people are asking for an uncensored orgy image. If he shares it, I’ll kiss him hard, and support him fully. If he doesn’t… well, there’s always a possibility that someone would buy it, and share it over the internet themselves. I rather see it posted by Endoh himself… nobody else! It’s a popular liked image. People are gonna ask for it because it’s hawt! Deal with it. <3

  5. Reese

    He means Cutepet.org didn’t draw Rosalina. Cutepet a.k.a. Studio Cutepet is just the name of their team/site, and Mina is an artist who’s on that team. Cutepet.org has more than one artist.

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Oki, I thought than Cutepet was a name of the site and also the artist like reiq… Thanks for the information.

  6. Anonymous

    Needs uncensored version.

  7. Jay

    Ugh, that censoring. I thought Starmen are supposed to be a good thing. It might as well be stupid troll faces blocking the way. I’m not paying 15 bucks for this. If you want my money, take commissions like a normal artist, normally.

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      That’s true the concept is not really powerfull but Endoh69 also do normal commissiosn if you are curious.


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