#125 – OC – Gigi

This time it’s a really nice and interesting drawing I post here, created by the awesome HentaiFoundry: SrJoi who drew Rosalina as request but you must say normaly he only do commission at 50$ per character, so a drawing like this must be at 100$ and SrJoi do it for free… That’s just so nice… (^o^)/

At start I see a beautifull portrait of Sylvanas from Wow in his gallery (click here to see it) and ank him if he accept requests or commission. SrJoi ask me to send him a mail to talk about commissions and in his answer (I don’t want to quote all the mail) he say “So, the price for this would be $100“. It was too much expensive for me so I answer I prefer pass on this commission, it was so hard when you see a great artist but can afford a commission but some time after, he answer to my comment say ” Keep an eye on my gallery. I found some free time 😉 ” and you know what happend next… And awesome pic with Rosalina… That’s just so nice… (^o^)/

About the other girl, Gigi. It’s an original character below to an other artist PurpleMange who request her to SrJoi… So a request Gigi and the second with Rosalina and an other girl, So why draw Rosalina with Gigi… Like the expression: kill two birds with one stone… What a great idea… Thanks so much for your kindness SrJoi, that’s just so nice… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: SrJoi / Price: Request

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