#373 – Nintendo – Peach N°26 (Good Morning)

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I talked with Dmfo about the “Rosalina’s laboratory” project. For the moment he’s really busy with a lot of (amazing) projects and also his new blog dmfoart.blogspot.fr. If you like laboratory and Scifi universe don’t hesitate to take a look. Lot of interesting illustration and I also love the blog design… °w°

Other idea I’m talkign about with the amazing Mavruda. When you join his site mydirtydrawings.com, for each month membership you can ask for a free illustration (15$ per month and you can ask like a 30$ commission). I think I’ll be a member for a long time and wanted to start something new so what about a little calendar? Each month a new wallpaper in reference for en event during the moth (in general or linked to Rosalina and the blog) but I wonder what kind of draw you will accept to use as wallpaper. Soft, Ecchi or Hentai…. Let use the poll on the right and don’t hesitate to let you opinion with a little comment.


Now I let you vote and also enjoy this new lovely illustration drew by Hella9. She’s a really talented artist and adorable girl with a lot of surprises… Lot of beautifull (and perverts) ladies in her gallery but the more surprising as me is that she made a cosplay of her OC Vulture (don’t see that often) and if I said that Vulture is damn beautifull, sexy and dangerous you can imagine Hella9‘s cosplay is gorgeous… XD

But this time Rosalina didn’t meet Vulture or an other lolely Oc Hella9 created but I’m sure everybody reconize this beautifull princess who decided to spend a night with Rosalina. The title of the drawing is “Good morning” so you can understand she situation and for the night… Only sleeping is not fun but stay romantic guys… :p

Rosalina and Peach look so adorable, Lovely face, nice pose and pretty sexy dress. They noticed that we are lookign so Peach take care of her dress but Rosalina don’t really worry abotu that, she fell so cute but also a little horny… Must ask to Hella9 what she really had in mind while drawing this really powerfull illustration…

Thanks so much for your kindness and support Hella9, you made a beautifull illustration and I’m sorry it was so long to publish it here. Btw, you can be sure I’m often late but will never forget a Rosalina illustration… And once again guys don’t hesitate to tak a look to Hella9 deviantart page (see it here). Just be careful because she write journals in spanish but can talk english so comments are welcome… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Hella9 / Cost: 0$ (request)

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