#301 – Nintendo – Peach N°22

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian kissAt start I created a “contact” page for people who are looking for more infos about me but I finally delete it for more space for other pages. Finally I think there is some points than people don’t really know like the rules if they want to contribute. As example there is an artist who asked if he can participate or it’s only me who ask for commission, I was really surprised because of course everybody can participate but there is two minors rules… The page is still in progress but take a look for infos about Rosalina, the blog and more coming soon..


With a huge fetish for lingerie and high heels I always ask for full body characters but this time it’s a great close-up drew by the talented and lovely mistershiggy featuring Rosalina and Peach who apear in the blog for the 22th time… This duo is really popular and of course they look powerfull with mistershiggy‘s style… I hope you like it too guys… ^^

Little quote from mistershiggy publication: ‘this captures a moment shared between Rosalina and Princess Peach. the circumstances are sketchy. perhaps best left up to the imagination. the expression of bliss and orgasm are clear. but perhaps the offer of a kiss is not all that it seems. perhaps Rosalina is offering a taste of delectable cum reward. or maybe this is the thank you kiss after 69 style cunnilingus. or maybe you are there sharing the moment with them…

The result is really amazing, We don’t see a lot of Rosalina and Peach but with this little description the fact they are so close make the illustration really sensual… I love the idea of the ‘thank you kiss after 69 style cunnilingus‘, the taste of cum or also sharing this moment with them sound so exciting but other guys can also imagine themself with Rosalina… Hum… U_u

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian cum sharing swappingAs you noticed there is 3 versions: one in Black and Write, the other colored (I used as main) but mistershiggy also make a third and unexpected version where Rosalina finally share some cum after Peach cum in her mouth. I expected use the last version as main but finally it will be more like a bonus for people who take the time read the post, and there is also a little surprise when you click to show the full view… ;p

Last thing, don’t hesitate to take a look at mistershiggy‘s gallery, there is a lot of other amazing illustrations and also a little illustrated tentacle story who is simply amazing. There is two chapters for the moment and I hope more will come… Oh yeah… °w°

Artist: mistershiggy / Cost: 0$ (Request)

Added to wishlist: 9 girls from the game Grand Chase (see it here)

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