#149 – Nintendo – Peach N°17

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Don’t expect to see me post or comment anything this week, I’m in the Mangazur convention in Toulon (France) for the week… I love ask to cosplayers if I can photograph them and do a nice shot but the more important will be on Sunday, a cosplay of Rosalina, see be more beautifull and cutest girl in the world but I don’t think if I’ll be able to talk when I see her… That will be so nice… (^o^)/

Maybe before prepare my prepare my luggage I have a little time to post a new pic here and in the soft blog (rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.com) and today Rosalina meet peach again and have a little fun with her… ^^

This really nice drawing was a request to Zapon who has the kindness accept it and do a beautifull pic… I love the description he put with his publication: ‘a request from Harmonie_Rosalina on HF. His collection is so funny!‘… That’s so nice see people like my collection and always have a lot of interest to participate.. Now I have a really nice blog and huge collection… A little spams, lot of kindness from artists and tadam… that’s awesome… ^^

Now it’s not a surprise Rosalina and Peach is the best pairing for a lot of artist… In one hand I’m a little sad have all these Peach and Rosalina pic instead or other girls in my wishlist but in other hand like this we can really see artists styles and ideas are really differents, maybe I hesitate ask this pairing if I do a contest or maybe I’m looking for a theme… If somebodye have an idea… Don’t hesitate to post a comment but I don”t want something like guro, loli and all ideas who include a man… ;p

So I’m waiting for your comments and thanks again to Zapon for this awesome pic, Rosalina and Peach are so beautifull, sexy and a little romantic too… I love the situation and this kiss… hum… XD

Artist: Zapon / Price: Request

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