#059 – Nintendo – Mario – Peach N°5

Rosalina => Nintendo => Peach… Of course… XD
Other example to see how famous is Peach, it’s the 5th time an artist choose her to show with Rosalina… And this time it’s the nice artist doujinvirus who accepted a request… Thanks to him… ^^

So the drawing show Peach and Rosalina in custom lingerie… It really more sexy than her originial dress in Nintendo games.. Rosalina clothes are just awesome… High heels and transparent blue dress who show her breasts… Just beautifull (for a pervert… XD).

About the artist, if you want to see more you can she his HentayFoundry gallerie here or if you prefer, he is creating a One-Piece doujin with Nami  and kalifa who is actually in progress but you can see the start here.

Artist: Doujinvirus  /  Price: Request

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