#050 – Kick-Ass – Mindy Macready (Hit-girl)

There is a lot of nice artist in Hentaifoundry and I’m happy to present one more; it’s Mrak who drew me Rosalina with the famous Hit-girl from Kick Ass movie as request… For a request, I let the artist totally free with the second character and situation so this one was a great surprise…

The artist love when drawings have a story and you can understand it’s not easy to find how Hit-girl and Rosalina can be together… And the idea was really nice: it’s hit-girl who dream about her mother… And curiously, it’s Rosalina… XD

So this time it’s not Rosalina but just hit-girl who is a really pervert… Dream doing that with her momy… I don”t think it’s a nice thing IRL (In Real Life) but in this drawing… Imagine Hit-girl pervert like this… Love it… And I’m sure I’m not the only like this drawing… ;p

Thanks so much to the artist kindness and for this awesome drawing… Don”t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie, he have a lot a pretty nice drawing and some really funny (But hentai too…^^). And to finish, the artist quote: ” I like when picture has a story… And I don’t know how to merge hit-girl and Rosaline in one place. 🙂 And then I got an idea, that hit-girl is an orphan and misses her mommy… And she can dream about her..

Artist: Mrak  /  Price: Request

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