#384 – Fire emblem: Awakening – Miriel

Still working on the video,t hat’s really more long that I expected. Not so much illustrations to add or some complicated effects but the mail problem is to add subtitles… Thats’ soooooo long… I hope I’ll finish the video during the week and sow it to you soon. Will be hard but I have to do my best.

I’m so happy with the start that I want to show you a preview but no time to make it… let add subtitles, again and again… I hope you will like this video guys. My english is really bad but it it look great with subtitles I think I’ll do more… °w°


I made a list with all drawing I received to be sure I wont forget some to publish and I noticed yesterday an illustration on my deviantart favorites that I missed to publish. this beautifull illustration was made by the so lovely FluffySquirrel who really worked a lot on this drawing and made an amazing piece. °o°

FluffySquirrel decided to pair Rosalina with Miriel from the fire Emblem series (the 3DS game is just epic). Interesting detail, they are not together without reason, there is a little backstory that FluffySquirrel imagined to explain this situation: “” That’s tender, with a sensual touch but as FluffySquirrel said it can also be… Welll… A little more intimate… XD

About Miriel’s dress, it’s her Sage promotion outfit and FluffySquirrel removed the top layer. Backgrund is not a random one, trees and bushes are because much of fire emblem takes place outdoors. In fact all are quotes from her publication and if you are curious you can see the original publication (here) or visit her deviantart account (here) for more illustration. I’m sure you agree her style is really powerfull so a little comment or watch must be a great support. Thanks guys and once again, thanks so much FluffySquirrel… (^o^)/

Personally I love Roslaina, so lovely and adorable, clothed as the original one (as if we can see a little more her legs) but tu part I prefer is Miriel pose and how she’s moving to Rosalina loooking at her. Really expressive ad sensual, they are looking each other but something must happen we are close to a little action maybe a long surprising and tender kiss… I wonder what FluffySquirrel have in mind… ^^

Artist: FluffySquirrel / Request

One year ago: Original – Merethide

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