#166 – Chrno Crusade – Rosetta Christopher N°03

princess Rosalina nintendo yuri rosetta christopher

Second part of my gift from my friend Méréthide who ask two drawings for me, one soft and one more hot (maybe click here for see the hot drawing) but other important detail, the other character: Rosetta christopher from Chrno Crusade. Sincerely it was the first anime I like and before know Rosalina, Rosetta was my favorite characters… These two girl my favorite so I’m so happy with this gift… Thanks so much Méréthide

Maybe Méréthide ask this pics for me but a huge thanks to oORayonOo who drew this… She have a really nice style so it’s so nice show her art in my blog… I’m really happy make this post , nice gift, nice characters, nice artist… It’s awesome… ^^

At start Méréthide send me three sketchs by oORayonOo for each category and let me choose my favorite. so I show here these sketch… Maybe Méréthide submitted some character to oORayonOo that’s why you can see Blair from soul Eater and Shirona from pokemon in 1st and 3rd sketchs.. They are a little more sexy than the final pic maybe it was a great surprise but so hard to choose into The one with Rosetta and other with Shirona, I choose Rosatta because I love this caracter but I love the other with cynthia… so bad… T_T

Maybe if you are curious, I already have a pic with Rosalina and Shirona by Méréthide (see it here)… Maybe you can have a idea about Méréthide style, but actually she’s really busy that’s why she ask commission to oORayonOo, it’s a nice thing, like that I have a new artist in my blog… This pic is really are awesome, Rosalina and Rosetta are incredibly cute and adorable… thanks again Méréthide and congratulation oORayonOo… ^^

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