#160 – Cartoon – Jessica Rabbit

Since I put a google ad in the blog, with views and clicks I earn 1$… So for the moment it’s not enough to buy a commission or maybe a car but thanks for all who take the time to visit the blog and click on the ad… If I reach enough my dream is to by a drawing by Reiq, but this artist is sooooo expensive or maybe I’ll use it for a contest… What do you think about that?

So today Rosalina meet a really famous girl, not a lot know Rosalina but I think it’s not the same thing for Jessaca Rabbit… So bad… But I hope this famous girl must help Rosalina be a little more famous with this fanart… I hope… So if you want to keep some pics here and piblish these in other sites or blogs, don”t hesitate… Just don’t cut the pic and delete the link, it’s the only way I have if I want people know this blog… T_T

Maybe it’s a nice request and a huge thanks to Padulo‘s kindness for this drawing… I never expected see these two girls together because as me they are really different but finally the result is really nice… I’m sorry it’s not a high quality pic but it’s a request so it’s mch better than nothing… Thanks again Padulo… (^o^)/

A little thing about Padulo, he want to do commissions (drawings or comic pages), maybe this pic is a request so it’s not his full quality so don’t hesitate to take a look to his deviantart gallery (click here), he have a pretty nice style and I think his prices are really interesting… And maybe if you want to ask him a drawing or other with Rosalina, why not… XD

Artist: Padulo / Price: Request
Deviantart: http://padulo.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-Padulo.php

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