Calendar – June 2014

June 2014
Also, The winner of “Your dream by… #4: Johanna from Pokemon series

Soft version

Adult version

You can be sure June calendard was a challenge for Mavruda, after the last contest of “Your dream by…”, the winner was the pokemon lady Johanna who will had to be with Rosalina but after that Nintendo announced that Rosalina will be as playable character on Mario golf World Tour (3DS). I told Mavruda that he must used golf as theme for the calendar, instead of soft and adult version one with Johanna and one with golf theme but it seem our powerfull artist wanted to mix them both, and it’s a succes… Thanks so much my friend… (^o^)/

Mavruda really did an excellent job and amazing calendars, For the soft piece Rosalina and Johanna are playing together at golf, for sure Rosalina come some months after the game is available so must be ready to be the best and it seem a little and naughty Umbreon joigned the party. Don’t know what Mavruda have in mind to explain the scene, maybe the Umbreon hypnotized the two ladies or after the game turne into a sexy play, Johanna wanted to add her little friend for more fun… Maybe I’m wrong but for sure I love so much these illustrations and I hope you too guys… ~__^

About Mario Golf, I’ll update the Curriculum page soon but for people who have the game and want to play Roslaina, the only way to unlock her is buying the 3rd DLC… You have 3 new stages and Rosalina added to characters list… Don’t like the idea to paid for a new character but for Rosalina, no choice. I’m lucky it’s not the same thing in Mario kart and hope she we will be free on smash bros. too… °w°

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