#936 – Humba Wumba and cowgirl princess

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PATREON BONUS: Alone summer pleasure (Ecchi wip for 1$+ patrons)
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Things were really crazy here, starting with brother driving without having a driving license and damaging parents car (on more time), then little sister going a hospital for a bad viral pancreatitis and my side I can’t even visit her being ill from a bad virus… Waaaahhhh… I hope everything will goes better in the upcoming days O_o
Anyway I must not let you wait even more so let’s go back to a new upload on the project and time to announce FalseAlias as winner of July raffle getting an illustration by Lunakiri, I’ll note you for more details. And let me thanks all my patrons for their support this month, I would like give you all a big hug but better wait I recover first, I don’t want make everybody ill ^^’


It was originally planned for March but Sixmi34 got his account suspended on deviantart (temporary luckily) and noticed my message a month later, was too late at this time but I still wanted get him take part of the blog so added him on discord to be sure about keep contact. Finally I goes commission Sixmi34 to work on May raffle reward on patreon won by Jessica. This time I know the artist cannot escape and I got the idea from Jessica so everything was set to create an amazing illustration… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
From the beginning, Jessica told me she wanted Sixmi34 to pair Rosalina “with Humba Wumba from Banjo Kazooie (her modern Nuts and Bolts design specifically). She’s cute as hell. Find an idea was more complicated cause not easy decide and find about the perfect situation even more when you are quite occupied with some business, finally she told me she was “inclined to go with some oral or fingering, unsure which” and the best part is Sixmi34 managed to figure both in his drawing… Sometimes you need make a choice but this time everything here, how powerfull… \(^o^)/
Considering Humba Wumba look and no instructions about Rosalina clothing, I enjoyed the opportunity ask Rosalina be dressed sa cowgirl with chaps since it’s my favourite costume ever and not easy get it work on duos. On his side Sixmi34 told me he was confident about get both outfits working perfectly with the pose he had in mind. Interesting part is the first sketch I received from Sixmi34 was with Rosalina and Humba Wumba naked for the anatomy then the clothes came in the second he send me. I really love how nice and sexy it was going with breasts sucking (the busty touch makes it gorgeous) and some sensual fingering that turn the scene even more intense and kinky… ^^
First sketch looking so promising and extra kinky so I didn’t asked for change to Sixmi34 before coloring time and as expected the result was really powerfull. Just so bad the pose didn’t allowed Rosalina to wear chaps since it’s my favourite part in cowgirl outfit anyway the more important is Jessica like the result since the illustration was made for her as patreon raffle reward. Also I hope be able get Sixmi34 participate in the project again in the future, the budget is a bit light and deadly but his art totally worth the price… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Also talking about price, Sixmi34 recently contacted me being bothered about his price and how hard it is to find commissioners thinking about lower his price to try attract more people. I told him that I don’t consider this as good idea and he better keep prices that are fair to no spend hours of work and feel he end with empty hands. For now plan to use this extra time to practice and draw some personal illustration anyway if you like his art and wish to support, don’t hesitate get a commission and let your (kinky) dreams become reality with his art… °w°

Artist: Sixmi34 / 40$ commission
Discord: Dadan#7867
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=34904559
DeviantArt: www.deviantart.com/sixmi34
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