#931 – Medusa tentacles revenge

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Starting to worry a bit since haven’t heard from Psicoero for a while and considering how active he is in general it’s not good at all. Maybe he’s away for some business or need a break (that wouldn’t be surprising at some points) but I still worry about him (and June raffle too). O_o
I’m actually working on an excel file for a little shop I’m use to go to help manage and track all order/sales/stock/financial-results in one place using lot of code to make it super easy to use. Anyway this is lot of work and I spend all my free time on it being so hyped for this challenge. Anyway the problem is I don’t save enough time and energy for the other stuff I should do, I must slow down ^^’


And let’s present you an amazing piece, after an animated bunny for Easter (on the left) the-4got10-one is back with a kinky threesome for the project, not often I can get this kind of piece for the project. IT seems that not being able to defeat Palutena and Pit, Medusa wanted her revenge on somebody else and succeeded capture Rosalina and Phosphora showing her “skills” and “frustration”… I guess… XD
When was the time to get a preview, Medusa wasn’t on the first wip since the-4got10-one was still “thinking a pose for medusa, she is the one cause of the tentacles or snake(not yet decided), it was also planned of making medusa as a shadow on the background anyway as you can see she got some more details and colors. I understand Medusa isn’t easy to manage cause the hair and dress need so much work and details to look right (it show by the fact you see way more Palutena than Medusa in the “Kid Icarus: Uprising” Anime Shorts) so I’m really thankfull to the-4got10-one for his hard work and patience to draw her and make the final illustration even more powerfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I also about understand the challenge to choose between tentacles or snakes for Medusa, in one hand snakes are part of Medusa but but better they stay as “hairs” or it would look of and finally the-4got10-one managed the perfect mix between both ideas. I just have to admit even being done since a moment I’m still thinking at this point with the pro and con for each side, after all snakes could add lot of cool thing with their mouth like sucking or biting but this was the first the-4got10-one‘s tentacles piece so better don’t make it too crazy… XD
Interesting detail and little mystery about this illustration, the first wip I received from the-4got10-one were names palutena x phosphora so maybe something else was planned at the begining or just a mistake with the title (but I don’t believe in that second option too much). Maybe it was originally planned stay on Kid Icarus universe with Medusa who captures Palutena and Phosphora, I have no idea what really happened and how the-4got10-one ended to add Rosalina anyway the only important thing is the result and I love it… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: the-4got10-one / 25$ commission
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