#798 – Rosalina restrained on giant Luma

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I must manage to post more illustrations on HentaiFoundry (with the artist agreement of course), could be a nice place to get more visits and exposure about the project as if many people know me on that place from the spam effect when searching for new artists… ^^’
Anyway HentaiFoundry approved the Rosalina x Christie made by Lunakiri and be sure they are really strict (more annoying at some points) so it mean her art skills reached a really good level. Now I hope Lunakiri will be able post more illustration on that site and build a nice fanbase from it.


Here is an illustration by Nipalix with Rosalina restrained on a giant Luma, I feel like I made a copy/paste from the title but that sentence is really the best to explain what you already saw. Anyway I wonder if Nilapix drew a real Luma or a bondage structure since the place her arms and legs goes looks like a pouch, no?
When received this illustration from Nilapix, I must admit the first thing I though is it would be powerfull have a giant sized Luma like this one and even more with Rosalina held on it. She sure looks so damn sexy that way with a cute face and soft breasts, no way I could resist play gently caressing and tickling each part of that body getting cute moaning in return (sad it will never be more than a dream). Since this illustration had to posted on his DeviantArt, Nilapix had to keep it pretty safe and finally we have something that is sure sexy but keep a lovely touch on Rosalina and she’s sure marvellous that way… °w°
Sadly no have sketch or wip to show and talk about the creation process but you can still discover more about Nilapix‘s on his gallery (here). I you love sexy art and bondage then don’t miss visit Nilapix‘s page and offer him a watch, he recently celebrated his 100th watcher and deserve much more… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Nilapix / Request
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