#750 – Mystery with Merida

3/4 done until reach the 1.000th illustration… °w°

Another little change you can see since the Vixxy illustration is an edit at the bottom of the post to easily show the comment section, I noticed it’s not easy to see from the main page until yoo goes on the site itself. for sure I don’t expect get ton of comment with that edit but let see. Keep in mind comments and feedback are really appreciated and maybe a bit of trolling but don’t abuse or I’ll just ignore you.
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Here is a ravishing duo that I found lost in the folder and come with a huge mistake, The main problem isn’t the delay but that I can’t find the artist who made this illustration 3 years ago and you can be sure I feel really bad about that point. It would be powerfull if someone know who drew this duo with Merida from Brave and Rosalina in Middle Ages dress. I checked my entire mailbox and the soft site but nothing… Bwaaaa… T_T
There is other places I must search and will edit the post if find the artist, for now I let you enjoy this adorable piece that really deserves to see the light, Rosalina looks beautifull with this dress and so adorable with that cute and shy expression, this new dress will be sure really more discrete in Merida’s world to spend time with her new friend and can visit this place. I also admire the fact <b<you don't easily it's a sketch since the artist putted more efforts on parts that keep out attention the most like both ladies faces and Rosalina dress but then you miss how sketchy are hands.
Another sweet detail is Rosalina with braids, in general I always want to keep Rosalina hairstyle close as the original one from Mario galaxy and hate the ponytail version from Mario 3D World but here it looks so nice on her. The artist was able keep her original hairstyle adding the braids that is a great detail for Middle Ages theme. Close to 6 years of existence for the project and artist continue amaze me every day… ^__^

Unknow Artist / Unknow cost
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