#741 – Helped in the bathroom

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I finally added a favicon to the site this week-end, nothing that incredible for sure but editing the html code of the site header I used to opportunity to clean it a little from various experiences, maybe a bit too effective cause it seem I also deleted some usefull stuff. At last it was fixed quickly and nothing important so visitors may not notice it. ^^
About the previous post with chinese Rosalina (on the left), I announced Youngjaerome was open for commission but I took the last slot for the patreon raffle reward. Anyway I suggest you to follow him to keep in touch for new announcements.


Here is a new publication by Endoh69 that stopped to draw there is a moment, he was really talented and passionated trying to make money selling (kinda expensive) pack of his uncensored art and there was spammed by bastards that wanted them for free. Anyway it’s not the reason everything stopped, Endoh69 promised got he will stop make porn content if he can date the girl he was in love and as you can see he finaly did it.

I don’t know they are now since lost all contact with him after that but Endoh69 is still inactive now and I home it mean he still have a sweet story with that girl. Anyway there is some of his art remaining on rule34 and a Rosalina piece I share today with you with it’s uncensored version. The special version will be the monthly exclusive reward of 5$ tier on patrons
I met Endoh69 with that illustration on the right that I received for the contest I made on Deviantart in 2012, quite a long time for now so I’ll see if his mail is still working and try get some news… suspense… ^^

Artist: Endoh69/ Cost: ???
Deviantart (desactivated): www.Endoh69.deviantart.com
Art saved on Rule34: www.rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Endoh69/1

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