#703 – Let me be your (futa) valentine

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A new publication that come a bit late due to family obligations, at last I’m still in time so could be worse (and it already was). Anyway as if publications aren’t always posted in time I never missed one in 5 years with two publications a week, a crazy rate that is sure hard to manage but as long I can I don’t see a reason stop and show even more Rosalina art to show how that princess is marvelous and can be sooo sexy too… Oh yea… \(^o^)/
Also I plan themed weeks more than just for Easter/Halloween like tentacle one coming next month, at last I think this one will have better feedback then watersport piece but also will have exclusive patreon art for the first time. Don’t worry I don’t plan make it happen often but want offer a little something to promote it more.


After the illustration I made for my valentine card, here is the one I received as Valentine gift from my cutie featuring Rosalina and her tiger girl OC; Lilah. This illustration was created by Rancid Art that is basically more into furry characters but also can also manage humans as you see on this illustration with Rosalina looking so adorable and can’t resist about that marvelous lingerie set she wear (love the star design on the bra and panty), for sure my cutie know me really well about that point. ^^’
At first, Lilah isn’t a futanari character and kinda appear on the hottest illustration my cutie own and there is so much I would love to share with you. For now there is this illustration the left that is the reason of this duo, first time I saw this piece I was curious about the panty and wondering if artist error or a bulge for a trap kittie. I really Lilah design and was so curious about that bulge that on this illustration and it’s why Rancid Art was requested to draw her as futanari in this duo. It keeps a sensual and romantic touch for Valentine day theme but maybe in the future she will be back in something even more naughty as girl or futa… suspense… °w°

I hope you like this illustration guys and enjoy that mix into cuteness and sexiness we all need so a perfect and sweet Valentive day. If you want to see more about Rancid Art on his Facebook page (here), see him stream on Picarto (here) and you’ll have to go on FurraFinity (here) for the naughty stuff but this place isn’t updated lately but you can already see some nice pieces on that place. Once again, thanks so much for that so ravishing as sexy piece… \(^o^)/

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