#675 – Ryuko super smash

Another upgrade for the gallery page that got 20 more illustrations listed (260 in total). Since they come in chronological order you can discover old publications sometimes with html problems moving from google so please drop a little comment if you notice a problem or blurred image then I can fix it quickly. Thanks… ^^
Also noticed working on the gallery page that next week will be the 5th birthday of the Rosalina x Girl blog (the project itself is a little older but don’t know its exact start). Honestly nothing special planned, at this period Rosalina’s birthday was the more important thing (see it here).


Today here is a new challenger entering Smash Bros. universe and show Rosalina the power of her blade with the help of Chacrawarrior, seem this time there is no chance for this sweet princess and her dress against a so powerfull opponent (and kinda remind me the game looks like a pay to win with DLC characters). Nintendo opened pools to vote on what character we want to see on Smash Bros., Cloud won one of them but I wonder if Ryuko got some votes and if Chacrawarrior participated to those pools. on my side I wasn’t able decide about an other fighter to suggest since Rosalina was already available…°
I really love this illustration, Chacrawarrior drew something that is sure sexy but also really dynamic, Ryuko attack looks really cool and love that kind of effect on the opponent. Anyway a battle against Bayonetta must be so badass but particular since her clothes are made from her hair but she can already undress while fighting. For now as if a bit cruel for Rosalina get her sweet body revealed is marvelous, thanks so much Chacrawarrior… \(^o^)/
Rukyo is sure more prepared to battle than Rosalina who joined Smash Bros. series on the (actually) last episode. Chacrawarrior also did a good job with expressions, Rukyo really serious going for victory and Rosalina really more surprise, you can also easily imagine her shrill cry and this kind of detail that make a drawing alive and even more powerfull. Rosalina still so cute and innocent but Chacrawarrior gave her some attributes and I’m sure this busty touch is a great addition to enjoy even more this battle. °w°
This one was the last one of a long request series and Chacrawarrior said on the description he was a little tired but still did his best, thanks so much. Anyway there is much more to discover on his gallery and as if description are write in Spanish Chacrawarrior have a good engkish level and is also open for point commission (see info here) so don’t miss get your own piece from a sweet chibi to sexy couple… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Chacrawarrior / Cost: 250 D.A. points

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