#663 – Angel Lapis lazuli

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Thanks so much for all that supported the project on patreon, it’s Chris who won October raffle and had to suggest an idea with Halloween theme. He asked for ‘Rosalina dress as a ghost but have a see-thought clothes and peach dress a witch wear a small dress show off her good parts‘, the idea is sure interesting and must admit I can’t resist when it involve see-through but thinking at since since a few days and as if some research, I still can’t figure how you can make the kind of suit on Rosalina.
Wonder what Chris have in mind cause that costume sounds weird and not easy manage double transparency for both Rosalina ghost and see-through clothes (I don’t think a simple ghost outfit will looks great and also don’t allow many interactions but let see what we will be able to create with OJ… Stay tuned… ^^


Not easy manage both blog and patreon (including all other places and page that need regular updates) and still not able manage a real timeline for publications but be sure no one will be forget. Anyway it come a bit late and I’m really sorry for that but let me present you the September patreon raffle reward and feel sad it come that late. The chosen artist was CreatureCandy and as request I got ‘Rosalina having fun with one these girls the show Steven‘. So much freedom in this description but CreatureCandy asked me to give her at last a little selection and she picked Lapis lazuli from this one, also first lady from the series that meet Rosalina… °w°
It’s the second illustration I received from CreatureCandy, first one was a duo with her Succuby OC on the right (original post here) and I thought this raffle was a great opportunity commission her for a new illustration and I hope there will be more in the future. A really nice and ravishing style here, both so lovely and every details make it hot but sensual as Rosalina little breast that still look so soft the way it get fondle but Lapis. Also a wet version for messy lovers (as me) but it don’t goes to explicit, as example CreatureCandy didn’t drew some from Lapis pussy and honestly you must admit we are more captivated by those sweet faces looking at us as a little invitation to spend a long and romantic night with them… Love that feeling.
Looking at this illustration, I’m thinking Joy from Inside Out movie would suit so nicely to CreatureCandy style, must keep that in mind when the budget allow me get a new duo from her. For now I hope you like this illustration guys and for now don’t miss visit her CreatureCandy or Tumblr for many good content as lovely girls and little monsters sometimes adorable to fucking naughty… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: CreatureCandy / Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr (18+): www.creaturecandy.tumblr.com
Deviantart: www.creaturecandy.deviantart.com
Furaffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/creaturecandyart

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