#661 – Pichu growing fast

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Once again it appear Lunakiri is cursed, she was on the way fix her bugs problem with a heated truck and financial troubles came once again, that’s not fair. Compared to what I announce in the previous post, she may be back to the internet to be able do commissions and pay the bills. Please consider help Lunakiri enjoying her cheap prices at same time, 15$ a colored duo and 25$ an animation like on the right.
About the blog, the page for Where is my pokemon? project is now up to date including all I recently received and this new one that appear today. Don’t hesitate take a look to see all those cute, sweet, badass or kinky pokemon ladies that enjoy Rosalina compagny. Any suggestions for the next to meet that cute princess?


And time to show again an artist that contributed so much to the project this year enjoying JamilSC11 skills and kinky mind (be sure she is), she now enter Where is my pokemon? project with two illustrations that don’t come in the right order (so stupid) so you see today the more recent she did. For those that know about the series, I hope you easily recognized Pichu, technically it’s a baby pokemon but you can prevent a pokemon to evolve and JamilSC11 drew her older with nice attributes and naughty mind, for little perverts it’s even more powerfull that way… °w°
I really love the result and one more time JamilSC11 was amazing with her skills and idea, she designed Pichu without any reference and it was a great surprise discover her sketch. I just have to admit Pichu hairs are designed and colored a way she can looks to an arabian lady at first, it’s a bit confusing but original detail on a way, could be the first hijab pairing I have with my favorite princess. JamilSC11 made a clothes and naked versions that are both so cool, the naked one make it more intimate and sensual that let us discover those perfect curves in both sweet bodies but in other way, clothes really add a magical touch to a lady and I’m really fan of those sexy suits.
Both versions are incredible and tell there is one I lvoe more the other. Also many nice details on this illustration like the electric touch (make me think at electric love” and also Pichu face or Rosalina clothes make them like two little dolls. Adding some latex and kinky fingers JamilSC11 made is really exciting, clothed isn’t really SFW but not that I will complain about that. I hope you like this illustration guys, stay tuned for more from JamilSC11, also why not visit her main page and gallery if you can resist see sexy ladies she drew, depend you mod there is also ravishing chibi to discover and for even more why not looks for a commission… ^__^

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus

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