#609 – Rosalina semi-bikini

Easter is here and unfortunately I don’t have illustration made for this day but there is that powerfull piece Merethide made some time ago and after several years I still consider that illustration as perfect. This ravishing Rosalina, sexy bunny-girl lingerie suit and a beautifull egg that no one can resist to open. Also it’s a traditional drawing and Merethide offered me the original version and each time looking at it, that’s just magic… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Nothing kinky (or really exciting) for Easter on my side, I’ll spend this week-end with family but wont complain cause family is important and they are so cool. I hope you all will have some good time and lot of tasty chocolate… Hummmm… °w°


And now time for a sweet and lovely pin-up by lightningshadow18, spring just started and since a little cold in France but since Rosalina can easily move around the galaxy with I’m sure know some places to relax with her little Lumas when Bowser and battles are over. The pose is so beautifull, turn Rosalina into a sweet and sensual pin-up. lightningshadow18 really does a great job and love this little bikini he drew, really small piece of clothes but it gives Rosalina a powerfull mix into kindness showing how perfect is that princess body but nothing really explicit and her expression is ravishing… °w°
Just a little special the bikini top don’t have a lace moving on her left to the back to hold it. Maybe lightningshadow18 forgot about that point cause you can imagine in that way it’s must be really hard for Rosalina to move before it goes and then reveal a little more of her body. Once again thanks so much for your kindness and this powerfull piece lightningshadow18, A so beautifull Rosalina and if you guys want more pin-up sometimes sweet and sometimes sensual feel free to take a look at lightningshadow18’s gallery… I know you will enjoy it… ^^

Artist: lightningshadow18 / Cost: Request

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  1. Suumunster

    Omg, dude. It’s “stay TUNED” not “TURNED”. :/

    1. Harmonie_Rosalina (Post author)

      Wow, was a long time I wrote “turned”, thanks for the advice.
      Feel surprised and honored to see you here but still wonder why you blocked me on Hf. U_u


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