#605 – Juicy Bubblegum

I tried to promote the project and patrons page using trafic exchange sites but don’t work so cool as expected. Since people let them work on background they don’t take a look at the site and not in that way they will read the page and subscribe. For the site at last it can give some views most of them block adult website so it’s hard. I have to cheat and keep some visits until is goes deleted but won’t say more about this… ^^’
Also working on the gallery page to add new preview until it cover the global project collection (and hope it won’t be too hard loading). Noticed that old post don’t just have a terrible grammar and vocabulary but also troubles with illustrations, they appear in low resolution but high size and quality is really bad. At last once you click on it it show you the full version so no hurry to fix it but I keep it in a corner.


After a damn hot (and special) illustration with some kinky dicked ponies from Smashko and that you can see on the right, it’s now time for an illustration more ‘conventional‘ but still with some fetishes as lingerie and high heels and for the messy part you can imagine a slime girl is damn powerfull. Smashko accepted those criteria and sure did his best to make the result so awesome as naughty, I hope you love it guys…
I told Smashko about my idea of Rosalina getting some princess juice after pleasuring Bubblegum toying her pussy and sucking it, also for a slime lady named Bubblegum you must be like me really curious how taste this nectar and like Rosalina expression it must be addictive. I love both expressions that Smashko drew, it make a mix into intense and romantic feeling. Also was his first try on slime girl so it looks kinda light hair and some details on Bubblegum body sure make it great, also hard for a true slime girl to stand in that way after an intense and juicy orgasm… °w°
As for Bubblegum, you can see on the ref the reference I gave to Smashko for this illustration, really love this adult look and high heels that turn her so damn exciting and it’s so powerfull keep it on the illustration with Rosalina. Be sure after two commissions I really saw about Smashko hard work and patience; French commissioners don’t have a great reputation and can’t yell it’s totally wrong but I hope don’t be the worst. Anyway there is many place you can enjoy this work that are listed below so don’t miss to take a look… Oh yeah…

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