#598 – Rosalina Spark'ed

Family and work don’t really mix well with managing a hentai site so really hard find some time recently. I do my best stay on Html while editing the site or creating new post/content but when you have to go on artists pages, see sketch/ref or edit pics to create preview/watermark versions my screen don’t looks really safe… ^^’
Also a little question for English people, depending the spelling checker it suggest me to write color or colour, it’s because US and UK don’t have the same spelling or there is one wrong?


Today it’s Bahow that join the project and before say anything more I’ll confirm something you already noticed looking at the title or illustration, he created on deviantart a group named Spank all girls with spanking theme for sure so no doubt about his main fetish. I noticed his gallery and style so be sure when I asked Bahow to take part to the project I was prepared to see Rosalina spanked but had to wait for his answer. He was so kind and finally accepted to give Rosalina some kinky and masochist time, how powerfull… \(^o^)/
Spark is a sexy girl and kinky mistress created by Bahow, my project is to have Rosalina meet many girls and for Spark ‘her purpose will be to spank all fictional girls out there‘ so if if I’m not sure Rosalina expected this, they had to meet and that’s so powerfull I discovered about Bahow gallery and project. Just can miss a little mistake on Rosalina hairstyle with hair lock hiding her left eye instead of her right eye. Due to the pose I understand Bahow had to cheat as if would be better
For the moment there isn’t so much in Bahow‘s gallery but Spark already started her quest and you can find her spanking Juri, Samus, Cortana and Rosalina, now stay turned for her next victim. If you are curious Bahow also made some cool characters and recently started so short animations loop that turn really nice. If he continue draw and increase his level be sure his project can turn epic… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Bahow / Cost: Request
DeviantArt page:www.bahow.deviantart.com
DeviantArt group: www.spankallgirls.deviantart.com

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