#579 – Final squirt with Gardevoir

Rosalina Nintendo pokemon gardevoir hentai yuri lesbian fingering squirt
Working on open space it’s really complicated manage the blog at work, must be really careful especially when it’s time to add illustrations but when busy week it’s hard find some time working on it. Also not so many time on saturday so my apologises for this late posts but I’ll always to my best keep the two new illustrations each week. So many awesome artists ready to amaze you and be sure I can’t miss them. Oh yeah… °w°
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For now let’s get one of my favorite pokemon to be back again and spend some kinky time with Rosalina. Some sweet fingers that made Rosalina squirt, Gardevoir for sure is so beautifull as talented and it’s a huge thanks (and some admiration) to Yellowroom that helped me with my project and made a so powerfull kinky illustration. He sure have a wonderfull style and accepted requests before start working on commissions and I feel so lucky I was able get a slot and a fully colored duo. At last the more important is the artist have fun and freedom with the illustration and Yellowroom was so perfect. Both are gorgeous, so beautifull and lovely as sexy with the situation and Juicy touch, what a powerfull combo into cuteness and sexiness… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Gardevoir have a human look that is really interesting but she’s also a pokemon so not easy make her as a sexy female and still close to her original style but it sure was a success here. Also love so much both expressions Yellowroom drew, they are so sweet and adorable with an innocent touch, that’s more sensual and lovely in that way but all that juice and Rosalina squirting add something expressive and exciting. Once again, thanks sooo much for your kindness and support Yellowroom.
Not sure to say “I hope” because I know you must love it guys. Also if you are curious Yellowroom drew Rosalina a second time as request paring her with a sweet Draenei that you can see on the left. I love so much the design of that girl and the dragon dick dildo is awesome with the transparent touch. Two incredibles duo with Rosalina but there is many more powerfull illustrations on Yellowroom‘s gallery. Also keep an eye on him until he open commissions, an illustration like this once with two characters and background is kinda at 140$, kinda expensive but like the quality and all efforts it need, that’s understandable.

Artist: Yellowroom / Cost: Request
Tumblr: www.deyellowroom.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Yellowroom/profile

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