#539 – You can't beat me Tharja

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Someone spammed on the blog yesterday, answering to comment with porn links that must be kinda dangerous. For sure I deleted all of them but since they are answer to existing comments, people who made those comments must get a mail notification and get those stupid links so be careful guys, must delete that kind of spam instead of e a little curious.
Also no real link with the blog but I recently made an account on deviantart to show my little creations with perler beads. I had an old account with a friend that I lost (stupid reason) and decided make a new one just for me. If you are curious it’s ChibiBead.deviantart.com. Feel free to take a look… ^^


After a sexy duo with big breasted Rosalina and Matsumoto Rangiku (see it here), we have now a new illustration by the kind and powerfull Wotno1 who gave me the honor participate again for the blog and as you can see, he still have the same fetish for really huge breasts… I hope you like it guys… ^^ Rosalina was “defeated” by Rangiku but this time it seem her new friend Tharja (from Fire emblem series) still need more to defeat that wonderfull princess and seem really jealous of Rosalina sexy body.
Sincerely it seem Rosalina have some troubles with those impressive boobs so can’t be so easy to live with them, I’m sure on Wotno1‘s world, it’s impossible for ladies to run… Also Tharja is so sexy, I really love her suit with some fishnet touch and sooo some freaking hot fanarts with her. The day Nintendo give a so powerfull and sexy outfit to Rosalina, it will be wonderfull… \(^o^)/
Once again, thanks so much for your kindness Wotno1, I think you are the one who gave the biggest breasts to Rosalina and must keep this record for a long time. Now for more sexy and busty girls you must love Wotno1’s galley so don’t hesitate to take a look and give him some support, he really deserves it.

Artist: Wotno1 / Cost: 0$ (request)

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