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Rosalina Star Fox Kristal high heels hentai 
Summer is here but since I got a new job, no holidays for me. At last I plan to work on my Rosalina cosplay and make better version of accessories (crown, wand and medallion). I asked help to some friend damn more talented than me who will also help me redo the wig but like Rosalina’s hairstyle will be like a huge challenge, must admit I’m kinda scary about this point.
Also thinking about my next cosplay, I think to make a version of catgirl Rosalina from M3DW (Mario 3D World), can looks really cool but hard to make, for sure not able to make it myself but don’t know who I can ask for help for a great version of that kind of suit. Any suggestion guys?


Today it’s a gift I received from the wonderfull fortunae on HentaiFondry. Kinda sketchy but you can’t imagine how I love this illustration. At first I wanted Rosalina with Krystal (from star fow series) since I created the blog there is 3 years, two artists disappeared after the sketch, on after the line and last one was just a fucking scammer. I was so frustrated with this character like this duo is cursed but not I get it by fortunae. How powerfull… \(^o^)/
Like actual society, the best way to support artist is now with money, after all spending so many time and efforts on an illustration and feel like with empty hands at the end don’t sounds fair. Commissions and patreon are a great way to support artists but financialy can’t really go into this so I do my best to encourage artists with some nice comments and feedback. A day I received a mail from fortunae saying “Hey, you’ve been really supportive of my art and your comments are always really nice to read so I sketched you something”. For sure is was a so powerfull surprise and at first look it’s like really more detailed than a simple sketch. Simple colors and shading but the result is incredible, fortunae really made an amazing piece… °w°
Finally a sweet sensual and so sexy duo with Rosalina and Kristal, at first I wasn’t into furry but always wanted something with Kristal and thanks to fortunae I got something to show with you. Both so close ready for a long kiss, we really feel something must happen and last thing I love is that fortunae gave high heels to Rosalina… Love so much high heels. I hope you like this illustration like me and once again thanks sooo much for your kindness fortunae… That’s so powerfull… \(^o^)/
Now if you want to see more from fortunae, feel free to visit en enjoy more stuff in HentaiFoundry (here) or also on Tumblr (here). A lot of sexy stuff and some nice animations with creamy touch. I’m sure you will love it and I hope to be able commission and get more stuff for fortunae. Maybe something from “Where is my pokemon?” project must be cool…

Artist: fortunae / Cost: 0$ (Request)
Tumblr: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/fortunae/profile
HentaiFoundry: www.blogger.com/fortunaevirgo.tumblr.com

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