#526 – Seventh session with Trainer

You know that Splatoon will be available on May 29th, For Nintendo it will be so important as Mario kart 8 but seem they still do shit with amiibo (start to be really annoying). Also to celebrate it I was able to get an illustration from the wonderfull xxxbattery that will appear on the blog same day as the game is available. Stay turned.
I also planned to go at a con in Paris this week-end (to wear my Rosalina cosplay for sure) but financially I had to cancel it. There is another con closer to my tows but there will be some people that I’m not confident to see… >.<


Now after the lesson 4 remastered with so much messy fluid (love it), it’s time for a completely new session for the amazing Psicoero Who game me the honor make the series with WiiFit trainer even more powerull. This time it’s not so naughty and wet as usual but the idea is interesting and can’t deny Psicoero made it kinda suggestive… XD
For the moment Rosalina have to hold on but with those accesories and the Trainer opening her ass for sure the next pose must be really interesting. The point of view is excellent and Psicoero added some great details like those leafs in front who make it like a spying cam, for sure the show must be wonderfull but for the moment I think Rosalina have the best view. Thanks so much for this wonderfull illustration Psicoero and I hope you like it guys…
The fact Psicoero made this piece kinda “safe” is a good point, we don’t have just to focus on Rosalina and Trainer and can look around to notice there is also an impressive work with the background, so much details and perspective looks great, I’m really amazed with all work Psicoero putted on this illustration. Guys, if you love his style it must be a shame don’t take the time to visit his HentaiFoundry’s gallery, you can be sure you wont be disapointed… Oh yeah… ~__^

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / Cost: 20€/25$
Blogger: www.psicoerosdirtyblog.blogspot.com/
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile

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