#492 – Finish your cake and let's play

2nd safe illustrations and next one will be even more cute too, if you want something more naughty I’m sorry but for the moment just scroll a little but I promised you that you must love publications who will come after this SFW series. And after all I’m sure you can also love cute and adorable illustrations too… ^^

Also received a preview from January calendar, this time Rosalina will be with the Vocaloid Haku. You can see the sketch about safe version on the right and stay turned for more about Wallpaper calendar project.


 Ska Jr Zombie (just see his gallery and you will be amazed). He’s also the one who made the second chapter of Rosalina’s Devivery Service and will also work on the chapter 1, script is done, just need the budget prepare yourself guys. With the dakimakura I received for Christmas (on the left), I have another Rosalina girl for my birthday made by the marvelous

I always make a cake for Rosalina’s birthday (and so sad there is only my family to eat it) but this time, thanks to Ska Jr Zombie, I receive one from Rosalina and a lovely invitation. I always play Rosalina on Mario kart but now she will be with me and on the game, damn too much Rosalina (you want to kill me Ska Jr Zombie in fact). Also, I play on WiiU cause Rosalina on several games but in this case I prefer play with that lovely (and busty) princess in front of me more than with the WiiU… XD

Once again Ska Jr Zombie, thanks for that beautifull (and unexpected) gift. I hope you will love that adorable Rosalina guys, after so much time working with her Ska Jr Zombie is now a pro with Rosalina and can’t wait to start the next chapter of Rosalina’s Devivery Service. For the moment don’t hesitate to get your copy and if you want to see more from this talented artists, just take a look to links below.

Artist: Ska Jr Zombie  /  Cost: 30$
Deviantart: www.skajrzombie.deviantart.com
Tumblr (SFW): www.skajrzombieart.tumblr.com
Tumblr (NSFW): www.skajrzombiesexyart.tumblr.com

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