#511 – Entering Mirror's Edge universe

Will be out of town this week-end for a con, first time I’ll wear my Rosalina cosplay this year and I’ll continue my quest to promote Rosalina to the world and show how she’s a beautifull and wonderfull princess. For the moment the biggest problem is all those people saying I’m Peach or Cinderella. Also for those who think a man dressed as a Nintendo princess look weird and stupid… I don’t care… XD
Also still thinking about next project, what did you prefer into crossdressing or lingerie theme guys?


First illustration that I missed to publish and my apologies to Ksenobayt. In my last mail I was asking him what place he would me to link for the blog post and he didn’t answered so was waiting for his answer at first and finally missed it. I’m really sorry about that and now time to present you this new illustration by Ksen also know as Ksenobayt on Hentaifoundry. I hope you like it guys.
I’m sure you can easily recognize the girl with Rosalina due to tattoos on her face and arm, she’s Faith Connors from Mirror’s Edge series. I already saw some trailers and videos about this game but never tried it, it same to have a really cool and dynamic gameplay but this time Ksenobayt made something damn hot but more dynamic than sensual, it suit better with the series after all… ^^
Also if you are curious, Faith’s first tattoo to commemorate her first official run was the tattoo around her right eye. She had her ‘circuitry’ arm tattoo done after the events involving Silvine Security Systems and her mother. For more feel free to take a look arround the name or the best way is still to play the game itself (must do it too a day). Now back to the illustration itself, I love how Ksenobayt made Rosalina and Faith really expressive. Also Faith is a runner and we really fee she’s stronger and dominate Rosalina, also she’s more used to that kind of dildo, Ksenobayt made her damn hot and naughty in that way… XD
I really love this illustration, a huge thanks for your support and kindness Ksenobayt, Rosalina look damn beautifull as sexy and this Mario on the background add a fun touch (green cap but a M on it so it’s Mario for sure). Not the first time I see a little MArio or Luigi to spy on illustration I received for te blog like this one with Tifa, kinda special on a yuri blog but since Ksenobayt don’t plan his to act, it’s fine… ^^

Artist: Ksenobayt  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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