#507 – Water pokemon love soft breast

Nintendo - Pokemon - 134 Vaporeon_01g
I hesitate into two projets to replace the Wallpaper Calendar actually stopped. I hesitate into lingerie theme for artists who want to draw a solo pin-up (love so much lingerie and high heels), Rosalina with real people (what about camgirls) or a crossdress series with Rosalina dressed as the other character.
For the moment nothing planned so if you have some opinion or suggestion it’s the best moment. What (naughty) idea will pick your interest guys?
Nintendo - Pokemon - 147 Dratini_01cTime to make a come back for two gorgeous ladies; At first the amazing Lunakiri who restart draw after some injuries and her OC Adrian who was selected for previous edition of “Your dream by…” linked with “Where is my pokemon?” project. The winner idea was Adrian as Dratini in a pool with Rosalina (illustration on the right). I really love Adrian and how this illustration turned so I asked Lunakiri to continue draw her as gijinka to make a nice series, and here is the second piece with Vaporeon outfit. I hope you like it… ^^
I don’t remember if it’s Lunakiri who decided about the pose or me who suggested “Rosalina and Adrian dressed as Vaporeon. Rosalina sitting and Adrian kneeling sucking Rosalina breast” but at last we have now a nice and short description of this illustration. It’s Lunakiriwho chosen to dress Adrian as vaporeon and like the result it was a powerfull idea, her hair color work perfectly and there is a huge work on that gijinka suit, impressive.
Nintendo - Pokemon - 134 Vaporeon_01dI’m really curious and love to see how artists work that why I often ask about WIP, received a lot from Lunakiri but wont be able show all (sorry), she also gave me the honor to stream a little while working on this illustration and you can’t imagine only looking at the illustration how many Lunakiri worked with details while coloring. I added a HD close-up on Adrian hair to give you an idea.
Now Lunakiri is working on a hot Rosalina pin-up, I asked something really different and more naughty than what she usually do and hope wont be a pain to draw but since she’s working on a hentai comic it must be an interesting challenge and practice. After that must talk about next outfit will have Adrian. Any suggestion for Lunakiri’s OC?

Artist: Lunakiri / Raffle

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