02 – Where is my pokemon?

About the project:

A new project a little special than the other because this time it’s not one I started with a single artist but this time it’s more like a theme and every artist is free to participate and pair Rosalina with his favourite pokemon girl. Other projects can have troubles depending the artist, be slow, frozen or stopped but this one can’t stop as long the project is alive… \(^o^)/

This time the idea is to pair Rosalina with pokemon girls but as you can see with these illustrations below illustration they are not in their original form. They must be humanized (Anthro or human form) or as Gijinka (girl wearing a pokemon costume). Artist are free to draw the Pokegirl as they want, the more important is they have fun and at the end it look like to a yuri scene instead a a bestiality one… Though surprise must come… Maybe… XD


Generation 1


Rosalina and Jolteon by VD-DV, the original detail is both suits aren’t from Mario or Pokemon universe but are designed like plugsuit from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

It was unexpected but really more original and surprising in that way. VD-DV made a powerfull mix.


Generation 2


Time for Rosalina to go deep in the ocean meet Azumarill for a sensual piece (and intimate for the alternative version) with both ladies like lovely pin-up. Don’t miss have a look at the alternative version. °w°

JamilSC11 know how tease us with lingerie and high heels on both version as Azurill that sure have something in mind…


Two pokemon at once with this illustration, after all why Rosalina can’t be dressed as pokemon too. Mazzacho was able manage a really sweet and ravishing duo. The Umbreon girl is based on an illsutration made by Merethide that she allowed me to use as reference and you can see the result is powerfull… Light and dark is a so marvellous combo as cuteness and sexiness.

Both ladies looking like goddess, maybe Egyptian for Umbreon and Arabian for Rosalina as Espeon with a dress design inspired by rose petals. How don’t love the result?



Generation 3


Lunakiri is sure skilled for sexy/hentai pieces but also create sweet pieces using her OC adrian that is perfect for water pokemons.

Rosalina is the adoptive mother of Luma race and we have that same mother instinct with Adrian like reassuring her after a


Generation 5


Great piece drew by the lovely JHTriune who accepted to contribute to the project… A new pokemon joined Rosalina and the blog pokedex, how powerfull. ^^

I also really love JHTriune’s idea; must be fun to have custom photos on our pokedex…


Generation 6


With pokemon X/Y Nintendo added a new evolution type: Fairy and my fav trainer Valerie in the game have fairy pokemon so I had to make this trio with Dsan help.

A lovely illustration commissioned by Tallon to izka-197 that I already know for her so lovely Kimono eevee.

Tallon’s idea was izka-197 to pair Rosalina with a gijinka sylveon, both wearing a kimono… It’s like a dream come true…

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