#048 – Nintendo – Daisy

For the moment I play Animal crossing on 3DS trying to be the better in my friends and creating a girl who ressembles to Rosalina (I’ll show her soon if you are curious) but there is one detail I really love in this game, not really a detail but more a character because it’s Isabelle (called Marie in the French version).

This girl is cute but also really adorable and so lovely, so nice we can’t do more with her but I really want to show her with Rosalina so she will be the new wishlisted girl of the day. I hope this pairing will appear soon in the blog, Rosalina and Isabelle must be really amazing together and it can make a so cute illustration… °w°


For the drawing of the day, it’s a sketch made by iedasb since the time I helped Merethide with her Deviantart account (who is now abandoned. Sincerely I totally forgot this drawing, don’t understand how I can forget Rosalina but thanks so much iedasb for sent me this little message with your drawing… Now it will be on the blog and people can’t miss it… Oh yeah… ^^

I often say than I prefer colored drawings to lines or sketchs but sketch are also really important and powerfull. There is a lot of artists who draw a lot of sketch and never share than so we miss a lot of great ideas. The more important in this type of drawing is not really the illustration but what the artist want to show with it. For the rest we just have to use a little our imagination and it can be amazing…

I think it’s useless to say than the second girl with Rosalina is Daisy who belong to Nintendo but there is some people who don’t know Rosalina (that’s shocking) so maybe there is also people who don’t know Daisy… Fixed… By the way iedasb drew the first Rosalina x Daisy than I show here, these two girls are really beautifull but not so popular as Peach who is really more famous… U_u

Thanks again for your message iedasb and guys don’t hesitate to take a look to his/her gallery and profile. There is a lot of great illustrations can also ask for commissions or adoptables. A digital illustration with one character and background colored cost 7$ and iedasb also do traditional art, it’s 4,5$ for a colored character but you can’t ask for a background in this case… For more infos about commission click here…

Artist: iedasb / cost: 0$ (Request)

Added to wishlist: Isabelle from Animal crossing (see it here)

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