Your dream by… Edition #05

Welcome to the event “Your dream by…”
Fifth edition with the lovely Lunakiri… Oh yeah…

Winner Idea by Ren:
Adrian as a Dratini in a pool with Rosalina!

Special theme: Lady dressed as pokemon

How it work:
Ask what you want and Lunakiri will draw it…

– 1: This edition will be a little special: at start you will have to choose your favorite character between Adrian and Arianna (reference just behind), both are Lunakiri‘s OCs.



– 2: This contest is linked to the project “Where is my pokemon?“. The idea is to chosoe a pokemon that Adian or Adrianna will cosplay before spend some time with Rosalina. Time to show you are creative. As example Adrian can make a beautifull Vaporeon… ^^

– 3: Once you know what girl and pokemon cosplay, you can add more details about situation, outfits, toys… and why not use reference(s). But no obligations.

– 4: Say your idea as comment or by mail at At the end of the month, Lunakiri will pick her favorite idea and draw it so feel free to inlude your favorites fetishes but be carefull to Lunakiri‘s style to be sure your idea will sound fun for her… Oh yeah… XD

Example: Rosalina and Adrian dressed as Vaporeon.
Rosalina sitting and Adian kneeling sucking Rosalina breast.

End of the event? October 31th.

You have untill October 31th to participate to the contest so take your time. You can make a really detailed description or a rough idea and let more freedom to the artist. It’s more fun and fair for him in that way. In other hand, don’t forget to include your personnal fetishs, pervert and naughty ideas are powerfull but don’t be crual.

Here is a video to explain how it work
(full version here).

Actual participants and ideas:

  #01 – Tallon / Character: Adrian

Adrian dressed as the new mega altaria using all the fluff as a type of bed that her and rosalina are rolling around on being playful kiss body parts and touching

  #02 – SkaJrZombie / Character: Adrian

Rosalina dressed as Gardevoir (it fits perfectly because of her hair) and Adrian dressed as a Rocket grunt. The rocket grunt working as a Dominatrix with Gardevoir-Rosalina.

  #03 – Epicsubterfuge / Character: Arianna

How about Arianna in a Lickitung outfit (sweater, maybe?) using her tongue to please a lingerie-clad Rosalina?

  #04 – Ren / Character: Adrian

Adrian as a Dratini in a pool with Rosalina!

  #05 – Clark / Character: Adrian

How about Adrian in a Dragonair outfit, wrapping the tail of said outfit around Rosalina’s waist, as the princess gingerly touches the orb of the costume (attached by a headband, crown, anything works, really)?

  #06 – Emmy / Character: Arianna

Oooooh! Arianna as… as… hmmmm
Arianna as Tangela binding Rosalina and pulling her close with her vines!

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