02 – Where is my pokemon?

About the project:

A new project a little special than the other because this time it’s not one I started with a single artist but this time it’s more like a theme and every artist is free to participate and pair Rosalina with his favorite pokemon girl. Other projects can have troubles depending the artist, be slow, frozen or stopped like it happened for the pyjama party by Merethide (find it on the archive page here). This time I’m sure the project can’t be stopped, just have to find artist who accept to contribute, oh yeah… \(^o^)/

This time the idea is to pair Rosalina with pokemon girls but as you can see with these illustrations below illustration they are not in their original form. They must be humanized (Anthro or human form) like the Charizard girl (see it here) or as Gijinka (girl wearing a pokemon costume) like the pikachu girl (see it here). Artist are free to draw the Pokegirl as they want, the more important is they have fun and at the end it look like to a yuri scene instead a a bestiality one… Though surprise must come… Maybe… XD


Generation 1


It’s the last pokemon girl I received before officialy start this project. I commissioned the lovely and talented Sokewa> and let free to choose the pokemon she want to pair with Rosalina an the result was a really powerfull surprise. I Hope you like it guys… ^^

Charizard with Sokewa’s style looks to a so adorable (and sexy). Both are so cute and lovely together… °w°


A lovely and sexy pikachu girls drew by the lovely Alline. The project officially started with the publication of this one and I hope a lot of artist will help me complete the collection… ^^

Funny detail; my Hentaifoundry name is Harmonie_Rosalina but Alline named me Hermione or Harmione… O_o

Two ravishing ladies and pokemon at once with Rosalina and Cynthia from pokemon dressed respectively as Pikachu and Raichu. Love that mix into cuteness and sexiness on both ladies; Rosalina so sexy but with a so lovely and innocent face and Cynthia that have a suit more soft but kinky expression and sure lot of idea to make the night really fun.

Seeing this illustrations with Cynthia dressed as lovely Raichu I wanted something based on this piece. Cynthia offered Rosalina to try a Pikachu costumes but as you can see she gave one that cute princess didn’t expected to be that revealing.



No doubt you must see this piece everywhere on the blog, it was made by Mizun and love how she mix cuteness and sexiness.

I’m sure everybody know (and love) this famous pokemon always moving with Team Rocket: Meowth… Used the attack ‘Jackpot » on pokemon Yellow for money before spend it on the Casino for a Porygon…


Zyvo accepted to take part to the project and had total freedom, it ended with a so crazy as hot Lickitung showing her abilities to Rosalina.

Love how Zyvo turned Lickitung tongue into juicy tentacle, and Rosalina face so expressive as sensual.


The first pokemon Rosalina meet, a commission to SeductiveBunneh.

I saw a lovely Eevee giginka wearing a kimono and I really wanted to see Rosalina with this pokemon. The actual artist was quite expensise so it’s didn’t happen. After that, I found a so sexy Whimsicott in SeductiveBunneh’s gallery and asked for a commission… You know what happened next…


Another gijinka illsutration with Lunakiri’s OC: Adrian, after a sweet Dratini here is a sexy Vaporeon for sensual time with Rosalina.

It’s Lunakiri who chosen to dress Adrian as vaporeon and like the result it was a powerfull idea, her hair color work perfectly and there is a huge work on that gijinka suit, impressive.


Rosalina and Jolteon by VD-DV, the original detail is both suits aren’t from Mario or Pokemon universe but are designed like plugsuit from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

It was unexpected but really more original and surprising in that way. VD-DV made a powerfull mix.


Seem that Rosalina found a PokeFlute and will notice soon that it have some special effects. Really love that drawing and Snorlax outfit, as if it can look really simple it’s easy to recognize the original pokemon so Epicsubterfuge made an excellent job. Snorlax is heavy pokemon but I prefer this lovely chubby girl.

Snorlax suit it look powerfull on the colored version, love the sweater design and I’m sure it can make a popular product… °w°


Here is the winner illustration from “Your dream by… Edition 5”. I received some excellent ideas and to be honest there is some I must keep for later but for the moment it’s Ren’s idea that Lunakiri chosen: Adrian as a Dratini in a pool with Rosalina!


Generation 2


Hot illustration by Crismon-Karma, a really cool french artist. The pokemon fire doesn’t affect you if he trust in you but as if Rosalina is immunized it’s not the same thing for her dress slowly burbing and revealing her perfect body

Beautifull commission pairing Rosalina and Typhlosion, Crismon-Karma’s favorite pokemon. Color and fire effect are so beautifull.


Jamilsc11 enter the project with a sweet but sexy pairing. Fun and interesting point is with Pichu hair drew and colored a way she could be a hijab lady, first one with Rosalina then.

Many details and a wonderfull job by Jamilsc11 but the best can be the naked version to enjoy, Oh yeah… ^^


Time for Rosalina to go deep in the ocean meet Azumarill for a sensual piece (and intimate for the alternative version) with both ladies like lovely pin-up. Don’t miss have a look at the alternative version. °w°

JamilSC11 know how tease us with lingerie and high heels on both version as Azurill that sure have something in mind…


Two pokemon at once with this illustration, after all why Rosalina can’t be dressed as pokemon too. Mazzacho was able manage a really sweet and ravishing duo. The Umbreon girl is based on an illsutration made by Merethide that she allowed me to use as reference and you can see the result is powerfull… Light and dark is a so marvellous combo as cuteness and sexiness.

Both ladies looking like goddess, maybe Egyptian for Umbreon and Arabian for Rosalina as Espeon with a dress design inspired by rose petals. How don’t love the result?



A duo with miltank was a great opportunity have Rosalina with cowgirl outfit and chaps (best suit ever) and ont the kinky side that hands a bit sensual and playfull make it so wonderfull.

This one was kinda a challenge for Lunakiri that never dropped out and made it looks so wonderfull. Thanks so much…


Generation 3


A pokemon with an hair style close to Rosalina one, you can be sure I love it so much and it’s TheGentlemenlySpy who gave me an amazing surprise drawing these two goegeous ladies together. This is the first Rosalina x Gardevoir and I hope it’s not the last…

Rosalina look amazing and damn hot, great pose, nice view, enjoying a little dildo while Gardevoir fondling her breasts… If you also add high heels fetish this one is soooo hot… °w°

Some sweet fingers that made Rosalina squirt, Gardevoir for sure is so beautifull and lovely as talented… °w°

Really sexy and juicyillustration mixed with so sweet and lovely expressions, Yellowroom sure did an awesome job.


I tried to capture a shiny Illumise and after see it again and again I thought that she’s like she’s wearing clothes/lingerie. I have a huge fetish for lingerie and it’s finaly Epicsubterfuge that I choosed to make my dream come true…

Both are so beautifull, really sexy for sure and also keep an adorable touch with this innocent face for Illumise and Rosalina with her little smile who seem to have some ideas in mind. ^^


Sweet illustration by RedBenjamin who decided to pair Rosalina with an humanized Milotic, must admit I love that idea and the result.

Seem Milotic was curious to see how taste Rosalina and she must love this sweet princess love juice. I also asked to RedBenjamin why that that unsatisfied expression for Rosalina and he said “I meant to make her smile, but it doesn’t show very well with that mouth i’m not use to“. Maybe Rosalina is sad that Milotic stopped but for sure they will have lot of fun together… °w°


Time for Rosalina to show her dark side and Lyceana really found the perfect pokemon to suit her… Mega Banette is here…

For sure Rosalina look damn beautifull and sexy with Lyceana’s style but as if I would love to meet her, we must be careful of this kind of trainer. A lovely face for sure but the way her and Banette look at us, I’m not really confident… So sexy as dangerous, these ladies made a damn powerfull trap… A really powerfull trap… °w°


Lunakiri is sure skilled for sexy/hentai pieces but also have the power create sweet pieces using her OC adrian that is perfect for water pokemons.

Rosalina is the adoptive mother of Luma race and we have that same mother instinct with Adrian like reassuring her after a


Generation 4


This time, Lunakiri wanted to draw a pokemon more close to furry and as if I was a little septic at start the result is really powerfull. Lopunny look really beautifull with a sexy touch and also love Rosalina wearing some lingerie and bunny ears, both are sooo adorable… °w°

Another interesting idea, these to square to make us focus on Rosalina and Lopunny face instead of there breasts. The first version was a little different and color more flat out of squares.


New pokemon lady with Rosalina, Lunakiri picked Mismagius to use her (kinky) attraction attack on Rosalina and seem it’s Super Effective. I always do my best to let more freedom I can to the artist so before Lunakiri send me the first sketch I had no idea.

Idea and colors are excellent and Lunakiri putted so much nice details like the hypnotic background, Rosalina eyes or her lipstick with same color as the Luma… Though, I’m a little confused about that point. ^^’


First, this illustration by Epicsubterfuge have two versions, one sexy and one crazy, with one is your fav?

This time here is two little kitties, glameow and Rosalina with an outfit inspired from her cat suit on Mario 3D world, but this version is damn more powerfull (and sexy. Thanks so much Epicsubterfuge… Two sexy cats moving on the city during night, I think it’s the best moment to go and capture them. °w°


After Dratini, Adrian is back dressed as Darkrai mixing some kinky touch as I love with Lunakiri’s hypnosis fetish. Now Rosalina is hyptonized and her perfect and sensual body in now a wonderfull toy ready to everything Adrian can imagine.

Time for Adrian to enter Rosalina dream as Darkrai but more powerfull add a kinky touch than turn into nightmare… °w°


Generation 5


An experimental illustration by Lunakiri featuring her OC Adrian dressed as swoobat, a giginka version were were the hairstyle was managed really nicely.

I like how the traditional pastel style offer a nice atmosphere for the background with clouds and sky that turned pretty cool.


Merethide was looking for a Suicune on Pokemon and offered to trade one for an illustration. I accepted and also helped her to complete her pokedex.

Merethide accepted to pair Rosalina with Lillligant, one of my fav pokemon. Merethide also mixed medias with line was made on computer and printed for coloration using felt-tips.


Epicsubterfuge helped me again with the project and Emolga join the party fora so cute and kinky pairing… \(^o^)/

For people who didn’t played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on 3DS, Emolga is one of the main character… He’s really the best friend you can expect and it became one of my fav with this game. I’m glad Epicsubterfuge chosen Emolga… I hope you like it guys…


Great piece drew by the lovely JHTriune who accepted to contribute to the project… A new pokemon joined Rosalina and the blog pokedex, how powerfull. ^^

I also really love JHTriune’s idea; must be fun to have custom photos on our pokedex…


Generation 6


With pokemon X/Y Nintendo added a new evolution type: Fairy and my fav trainer Valerie in the game have fairy pokemon so I had to make this trio with Dsan help.

I commissisoned Dsan for two versions (soft/explicit), just click on the link to see both.

A lovely illustration commissioned by Tallon to izka-197 that I already know for her so lovely Kimono eevee.

Tallon’s idea was izka-197 to pair Rosalina with a gijinka sylveon, both wearing a kimono… It’s like a dream come true…


Generation 7


Drew by unknow – See full post here

A gift with Rosalina and “the pokemon lycanroc, dusk form

That scene looks romantic anyway I can’t deny it’s also damn sexy with sweet naked bodies, the ladies expressions both cute and naughty.


Here Rosalina meet a cute Mimikuy gijinka named Iris and owned by Kittehskye who’s the one that gifted me this illustration.

There is a lot of nice details like shining effect on crown, blushing touch or Rosalina removing her panties that respectively add more details, cuteness and finally sexiness that mix so nicely together… °w°

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