#286 – Touhou – Lilina, Yukiko and Makoto

The best memory I have from the Japan Expo; when I was cosplayed in Rosalina a young boy (5-6 yo) was comming to me and saying “ I know you, you are in one of my game“. He was a little scared and marveled at the same time, just so cute… I hape a day peoples will come to me saying “Woah, that’s you the owner of the Rosalina x girl project?” and I’ll say a huge “Yes“… XD

A new foursome and it’s the second than sagashiindustries commissioned to Archangemon (first drawing with the SOS brigad here)and I must admit that’s so powerfull show epic drawing liek this one and let Rosalina meet 3 new girls at the same time… Thanks so much for your help sagashiindustries… (^o^)/

As you noticed on the title or maybe if youreconize these characters Rosalina meet girls from the Touhou universe. for people who don’t know Touhou project if will be hard to explain all so google and Wiki are your friends but maybe I can give you some informatins about Lilina, Yukiko and Makoto. By the way there is a lot of touhou grils in the wishlist and so much I must add but it will be really huge, there is s much powerfull girls… O_o

The drawing is great, Rosalina and these Touhou girls look amazing together but there is one point I don’t really like on this drawing it’s the background than Archangemon drew. You can see it with the drawing on the right but comparate to the quality of the girls the bed look ugly (sorry Archangemon) that’s why I used the drawing without background as main for this publication…

So there is more informations about each girls, I think it will be more easy to reconize them in that way and don’t forget to take a look at Archangemon‘s blog to see more drawings of him and maybe ask for a commission… It may be with Rosalina if you want… XD

Lilina Youseikyo: http://walfas.wikia.com/wiki/Lilina_Youseikyo

Born to Koyomi Takino and Kurisu Youseikyo, Lilina was raised as a martial artist by her mother and aunt until Getsurou or as he’s called now Bob Brainwashes her aunt, who then swipes Lili and experiments with her DNA, leaving her with Gapspace and Shapeshifting, but leaving her body in poor shape, resulting in half of her soul leaking out…

Yukiko Kasuga: http://walfas.wikia.com/wiki/Yukiko_Kasuga

A member of the Kasuga clan of Fairies by creation, Yukiko once served Alucard as a fairy familiar, who eventually passed the familiar contract on to the Belmonts. Eventually, the contract was opened again by Sakuya Yagokoro-Belmont, who proceeded to make good use of having help with learning the family trade…

Makoto Mihama: http://walfas.wikia.com/wiki/Makoto_Mihama

Purchased as a pet for Kuroi when she was a golden retriever puppy, Makoto loved her master, then the Yakuza Godfather’d her. She was reborn as a wolf pup at the Palace of Animals, where she eventually reunited with Kuroi.

Artist: Archangemon / Cost: 0$ (gift by sagashiindustries)
Sagashiindustries: http://sagashiindustries.deviantart.com/
Archangemon: http://www.blogger.com/profile/11499029676971575583


  1. SagashiIndustries

    THey’re OCs for those who didn’t realize it, by the way.

    1. Eromanboy

      Thought as much, not that I’d be too familiar with touhous. 😀


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