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#927 – Princess and Z23 ship-girl

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When holidays started I was like I’ll get many time to work on the project and I did at first reworking the curriculum page anyway have to admit holidays made me lazy and didn’t worked too much. At last I was able to rest and it’s kinda why holidays are for, now Monday is here so back to work and publications… Oh yeah °w°
Also I noticed the 2$ tier don’t get too much rewards considering I try to get the illustration free the most I can and offer HD with really large files that need resize cause their size. Anyway I decided add to the 2$ tier step by step process series to offer better rewards to supporters at this tier as for today illustration ^^


Here the idea was Rosalina fondling Z23’s breasts under her, I love to see the effect of hands or tentacles under tight or wet clothes and I was sure Mazzacho have all skills needed for that challenge. As for the outfit I wanted Z23 to be dressed on same way as her philosophy teacher skin but Mazzacho decided go on an average version and “mix in clothes states. Of course the way she looks is still so nice but I really wanted the philosophy teacher version and she looks closer to her original design… Bwaaaaa… T_T
Anyway I also wanted to see Rosalina’s hands under Z23 dress and this part is sooo perfect with the shape of fingers that turn really well and be sure it’s not easy thing to manage with shading. I had no doubts Mazzacho would success this challenge but didn’t expected it would turn so awesome (and make me regret the philosophy teacher skin a bit more at same time), anyway even if the fondling part looks powerfull it’s only a small part of the illustration and great work all around with many cool details on clothing and both girls expressions.

Also the way Mazzacho dress Z23 remind me that Azur Lane artworks have “censored” version for non-Japan illustrations as you can see with Takao on the top, the original version have pantie through pantyhose visible and for the rest of the world it was hidden by the dress. Luckily this time there is no need to hide the power of ecchi and you can see Z23 cute panties, also the action make it way more kinky than what can be in the game so I won’t complain Japan can see a panties on Takao when we got a so powerfull piece from Mazzacho here… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mazzacho / 30$ commission deal
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
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