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Multiple – Reindeer girl auction

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Guys, if you want to help me there is many way, you can suggest me artists, buy your copy of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic (actually chapter 2 selling will found chapter 1 production) or simply click on the ad on right part or under the main post. Thanks in advance.


So much publications recently and today it’s time for the third and last Christmas related illustration with a really special illustration made by the so talented as surprising xxxx52 (If you think his name is original, just take a look to his gallery). This illustration started by a “Reindeer Girl Auction” on xxxx52‘s tumblr. 6 slots and the highest bidder of each place gets the spot (you can see the announcement illustration on the right).

For sure the best and hottest are #1 and #6 but was a huge fight for these two slots, I wanted the #3 for Rosalina cause more in my budget in one hand and also it was the perfect place and angle for Rosalina due to her hairstyle. Also tried to get the place #2 for my friend Tallon but lost just before xxxx52 closed the auction,that’s so bad but I wont with my auction for Rosalina and she’s finally here… (^o^)/

Now for those who are curious about these other ladies featuring from left to Right:
1 – Cothordin’s Sasha / 2 – Anon’s Sylvia
3 – Nintendo’s Rosalina / 4 – Vardemis’s Erishkigal
5 – HowToTrainYourDragon2’s Astrid / 6 – Cothordin’s Qetesh

All are amazing characters and look gorgeous with xxxx52‘s style, must say Rosalina is the best for sure and it seem a reindeer suit look better on her than a santa one (more original and even more sexy). A perfect body, bondage touch and love that transparent on her panty showing that vibrator dildo. xxxx52 gave us a so powerfull show that I don’t want to save her for the moment. °w°

Also, as if the result look epic, it seem this one is not the final version, quoting xxxx52 description “actually a WIP due to temporary dif in equipment. Better-shaded ver in late January” so a new version must come soon. Now if you want more don’t hesitate to visit his daily updated tumblr (here) and discover is OC Aik who really have incredible stories and in fact already met Rosalina. I hope you like it guys and congrat xxxx52 for this marvelous drawing. It’s just a WIP and look excellent so the final version must amaze us… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Artist: xxxx52  /  Cost: special auction
Tumblr: www.xxxx52.tumblr.com
Hentaifoundry: hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxx52/profile

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#337 – OC – Aik

nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy crossover bondage piercing
I’m sure everybody know than we must never answer to a troll but it’s really hard don’t say anything because we always want to show to other people who will read the comment that he’s wrong but when you start… Arf… So the best way is to answer once and after that let the poor little troll wait for his answer… Oh, he’s so cute… ^^

Really more important thing. The event Your dream by… is now closed. You can’t submit new ideas and I’m now waiting for Vempire selection to announce what idea will become reality.I hope show results soon but you will have to wait a little more for the illustration, Vempire is an amazing artist but also really busy.

Sincerely I’m glad we reached 10 participants but like Vemprie art I expected more suggestions. I must find a great way to promote the blog and events because when an event will have less than 10 participants, it will be the last… I’m also sad than there is so much anonymous, a little name or something is more fun and fair… No ?


New artist and character, xxxx52 drew his amazing OC Aik (yeah, it’s her name). I’m here since the first illustrations of Aik and really lovely this character. xxxx52 really increased his style since he joigned HentaiFoundry and comparate to his first publication of aik she’s now really more beautifull, detailled and still sooooo sexy… °w°

I have to admit than I don’t really like piercings so this drawing is a little special for me thought can’t deny that xxxx52 did and amazing and original piece. Not sure something like this can’t happen in real life but that’s the power of a drawing, you can draw anything you love and the only limit is your imagination. I love artists dirty mind, so much surprises and incredible ideas…

Sexy girls, huge toys, bondage and high heels, everything damn powerfull and exciting but xxxx52 isn’t really happy with the result: ‘Old picture, that I worked with on and off because I was never happy with how it turned out. However, I’ve felt that I owed this to someone for months, so might as well post it now. Oh the dishonor I have brought my family! (jk)‘. Sincerely I don’t find something bad in this illustration so I asked to xxxx52 what he dislike and he said ‘something about it always looked off, and the anatomy was also a concern‘. What your opinion?

xxxx52 also said there is a huge chance he redraw Rosalina and Aik together again. I’m sad he feel so bad with this illustration but can’t deny that the idea of see them together again sound lovely. When my budget will be better I’ll commission xxxx52 but Rosalina won’t be with Aik. This time she will meet his pikachu girl (on the right). I really love the character design and really want her with rosalina but there is also an other reason than you will hear in the futur… Oh yeah… XD

If you want to commission xxxx52 you can see commision rules and prices here. A full colors sketch isn’t really expensive and the quality is great, but if you really want a detailed line with full colors, it will be a litle more expensive but like xxxx52 style you can be sure than the result will be epic… As information a drawing like this may cost 42$.

Artist: xxxx52 / Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr: http://xxxx52.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxx52/profile

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