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#395 – OS-Tan – Windows 2000

400th illustration on the blog
And I’m still the more amazed… °o°

Since the first since October 2011, it was more than 400 publications on the blog and like the counter on the main post we now reached 400 illustrations (thought I’m sure I missed some). I huge thanks to everybody who supported the project. Rosalian will always be one of the more powerfull and beautifull girl in the world but without amazing artist to draw her, not easy to show how she’s gorgeous… thanks so much… (^o^)/


Huge thanks for artists of courses but withotu visitor and friends it wont be the same thing. It’s still have to have comments or make peopel contribute (btw, don’t forget your dream by event) but there was so much surrpises, Some made me jump on the room and other really sad, don’t forget some littles trools and this blog is a powerfull experience… XD

For this 400th illustration Rosalina meet one of my favorite girl, you can be sure if I have to make a top 10 she will be here for sure. I wanted this illustration to be the 400th but publications where too slow than I thought and it was finally 6 month before publish it… I’m really sorry for h-picaso who made this amazing piece featuring Rosalina (of course) with the OS-Tan Windows 2000. I hope you like it guys…

At start I suggested 5 girls to h-picaso and wanted him to pick his favorite. He had the choice into Sophia Forrester, Windows 2000 ,Valentine, Rainbow Mika and Elena Ivanova and his choice was for the OS-Tan windows 2000… Oh yeah… Btw, the other four ladies never meet Rosalina for the moment.

You can see on the right the first sketch h-picaso sent me. I asked the two ladies don’t be naked so there is some clothes and lingerie for the final version. h-picaso also drew Windows 2000 wearing high heels and you can be sure I love high heels.

Like the sketch I thought to see Rosalina fingering Windows 2000 but h-picaso didn’t wanted to make her arm too long and finally use the want. After all it’s an excellent detail, the wand is an important part of the character and for all people who still think than Peach and Rosalina are so close, don’t forget that Peach don’t have wand… Only a gorgeous body as Rosalina but Rosalina will always be my favorite princess… XD

Once again h-picaso, really sorry for the long time before the publication. Now time to finish with a little quote on h-picaso publication: “Commissioned as a fun piece with Rosalina interacting with any one I chose for a Rosalina themed blog.My original idea was Rosalina and Yoruichi because of the height difference. People don’t realize it because of the lanky art style, but she’s only 5,4. Rosalina, on the other hand, is 6ft! Fun facts.” And that’s true, Rosalina a a really huge character. You can see one this screen from Smash bros. than she’s taller than Peach (really) and Mario (of course).

Artist: h-picaso  /  Cost: 17.7$
Deviantart: www.h-picaso.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/h-picaso/profile

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