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#873 – Finding the totem of Fertility

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Patreon bonus: Catgirl and crossdress sketches (Abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

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Was out with family all week-end so I scheduled the post and I also used to opportunity try this function on patreon page so if you see this message it mean it worked and I haven’t written this sentence in vain… XD
Also programm for next week if make the wishlist page up to date and finish the curriculum page rework and update… Not that complex work to do since I created the code and can easilly manage it but it’s sooo long… O_o


After looking at his tumblr gallery, I know Dandypixelmoto was into futanari so decided goes on that side but a little challenging and picked Blossom from Battlerite that I must admit only know from the fanart on the left I found on Sankaku. Don’t seems to be a famous character or series but I liked her design and the potential Blossom had for naughty and messy stuff and it’s so powerfull Dandypixelmoto accepted goes with it and made it sooo messy as I love… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Before start the illustration, Dandypixelmoto asked if it matter if Rosalina is sub and like how innocent and pure have to be this sweet princess it sure works the best even if she looks were more pervert as usual playing with that massive dick and balls getting covered by all that messy sticky cum. The sub role also works better when you see Blossom massive dick but who know, maybe a day Rosalina will be extra horny and go by herself take this massive deep in her pussy until the balls are slapping on her ass, I sure can make some really crazy and naughty scene that you can enjoy with the power of your imagination… ^^
There was also a challenge about the suit Rosalina could wear and it’s Dandypixelmoto who got the idea of turn her as adventurer with an outfit based on the costume you can see on the left, all I asked was to keep the dress short to not fully hide the sexy curves of the sweet princess ass… I’m just a bit sad the illustration didn’t goes coloured seeing how amazing turned Dandypixelmoto‘s illustration futa Gogo illustration… U_u
Anyway it was a free request and Dandypixelmoto already spent hours on this piece, at some point it remember DrGravelin colouring book that is pretty cool but ruled by patreon (paywall) compared to Dandypixelmoto that show all is art on tumblr. Just don’t miss visit the links below and come say hello during a livestream the meet the artist and see art before it get released… °w°

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