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#285 – Ninja turtles – April O'Neil (Normal + Futa)

An anonymous suggested to create a “cosplay bonus page” with Rosalina dressed as other girls. the idea is quite interesting but you must know dear anonymous than I already think about that; by the way I already have Rosalina dressed as Samus (see it here) and a sketch with Rosalina dressed as Ivy Valentine (see it here).I’ll keep the idea but like the title of the blog the best is also to show the other girl dressed as Rosalina or maybe the two girls withthe same clothes like the one with Samus, must think about that…

New drawing and new girl who meet Rosalina, a huge thanks to the amazing and talented Exclamation for his amazing work. Sincerely he drew an epic drawing and like the description on hentaifoundry it taken more than 50 hours to complete it… That’s so much time to draw Rosalina for me, that’s so much Exclamation… (^o^)/

That’s funny to see than I work on the Rosalina’s laboratory project with Dmfo where Rosalina kidnap some girlsand subject her patients to some “medical” machines girls but in the last drawings I received Rosalina is in bad posture, and there is a Rosalina x Valentine coming soon with a really similar situation… XD

At start Exclamation send me little previews with just Rosalina face, it wasn’t easy to imagine a lot of things with the line but when Exclamation sent me a preview with some colors and I noticed a yellow clothe behind Rosalina head I thought to April and I was right but the final version was also a really huge surprise…

don’t hesitate to take a look at Exclamation‘s profile and gallery, his art is just amazing and there is a lot of other powerfull drawing than you must love… By the way Exclamation also do free request contests so keep an eye on his profile… Oh yeah… ^^

I think you noticed than Exclamation drew two versions for Rosalina, one normal and one futa; sincerely I really prefer the Original Rosalina but the futa look really amazing too, Rosalina face expression look incredible in this one…Which version is your favorite guys? Futa or normal?

Artist: Exclamation / Cost: 0$ (Gift)