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#924 – Romance with Alisa

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PATREON BONUS: HD version of the illustration and both animations (for 2$+ patrons)
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Third time I see a patreon with the artist offering exclusive art (that lovely paywall spirit) and also breasts photos (own artist or girlfriend as model). If it continue that way I may have to hire a busty model for a Rosalina shoot or I’ll never be enough competitive (and honestly I would love to do it)… XD
Also got answer from Jessica and the girl with Rosalina will be Humba Wumba from Banjo Kazooie (cf photo) for May illustration. I was a little surprise by the character design considering Sixmi34‘s art style but she want Humba to be adapted to fit the style of Sixmi that is fine with the character so stay tuned °w°


And it’s time to welcome a new artist to the list of all who contributed to the project introducing this Romantic and kinky set set made by CharlieProut as patreon reward. He offered a single character request to all patrons, my side I wanted Rosalina with a girl and another patron wanted Alisa with a girl so he got the idea combining both request (how powerfull). So my side I chosen Rosalina and the second one picked Alisa Southerncross (アリサ=サザンクロス Arisa Sazankurosu in Japanese) from Keroro Gunso series, a new girl for the collection… \(^o^)/
I was surprised the other person called Alisa as “my girl” so expected Rosalina be with an OC (Original character) and seeing the final illustration I had the feeling I already saw the character and found where she’s from (btw, does anyone watched Keroro Gunso series?). Anyway the biggest surprise wasn’t see Alisa isn’t an OC but that CharlieProut came with two bonus animation after posted the illustration and those really add a spicy touch (even more if you like cunni action…. °w°
CharlieProut always create drawings or animations that keep a sweet touch even being naughty action and this illustration make no exception, Here you can feel the cuteness or this romantic kiss missing with the sexiness of Rosalina’s finger rubbing Alisa pussy through her panties. Of course both animations add a more spicy touch with a hot tongue move but it always stay gentle with sensuality, not as hard as a rough fuck or fisting (but my mind really goes to far with that example)… ^^’
Illustration were posted with CharlieProut consent anyway HD versions of the illustrations and animations say as a patreon bonus if you want to get the ultimate version but as you can see the actual version are still really enjoyable. Once again thanks so much to CharlieProut for his great work and surprise with the animated versions and don’t miss visit his place to enjoy more of his content. He also made several other pieces with Rosalina and super cute version of Lumette (Luma + super crown) that he surprised himself draw more often than he though (and I hope there will have more coming in the future)… Oh yeah!!!

Artist: CharlieProut / Request
Website: www.charlieprout.click
Patreon: www.patreon.com/CharlieProut
Twitter: www.twitter.com/CharlieProutArt
DeviantArt: www.deviantart.com/charlieprout
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