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#300 – NCIS – Abby Sciuto

Sometimes I see some publications talking about the next Super Smash Bros. Melee and in a D.A. journal it supposed about what kind of characters and outfits we can have on the game. The details who picked my interest was about Peach because the author suggestion than one of her alternative outfit must be Rosalina… I agree it’s not so stupid but Rosalina fighting with Peach skills… Hum… I’m curious to see it (of course if there is Rosalina) but I’m also a little scary about what they will do with her… O_o


Today Rosalina meet a really special girl and I’m sure a lot od you already know her, it’s Abby Sciuto the gothic scientific of the NCIS series. I really love her style and personality so wanted to see her a day with Rosalina and I finally have this pairing drew by JHTriune… (^o^)/

There is a lot of real girls I want to see with Rosalina but you must admit they won’t allow artists to drew them is such sexy situations and I don’t want any problem with the blog but I saw in JHTriune‘s galley than he already work on a drawing with Abby and have some practice with her so why not try and see what happen… Life is more funny with a little suspense… XD

The result is pretty curious but JHTriune did a great job with this drawing. Abby is really sexy with this outfit but also close to the original character with black clothes and also the coffee… For people who watch NCIS you know than Abby is an adorable character who regularly gives and receives hugs but like her style I wanted something where she’s more dominant and as you can see JHTriune give her a really beautifull pet.

Rosalina is really sexy (of course) but also really lovely her face is simple but have a cute expression. If you notice Rosalina’s right arm and this little star you may have a little idea why she have this face, not easy be a great pet.

The only detail who look a little special as me is with Abby’s shoe. I don’t know than the heel can be on that way when she walk but I often hear than it’s a really hard point do do with movement so it’s not a real problem. JHTriune drew a lovely Rosalina and we can easily recognize Abby so it’s perfect… By the way don’t hesitate to take a look to JHTriune‘s profile and maybe ask for a commission…

Last detail about JHTriune who is also a really important one because JHTriune make complete drawing but if you see his gallery he’s more into coloration and sincerely he have amazing skills when he found a great line… Oh yeah… °w°

Artist: JHTriune / Cost: 12$
Devintart: www.jhtriune.deviantart.com