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Artist: Suika (See full post here)
Christmas 2014 – Lumas love candies

The idea was Rosalina giving some candy canes to her lovely and adorable Lumas, dressed as santa for sure. Ask you can see Suika made an adorable illustration (as expected) and now it really deserve a nice place to the Rosalina-club‘s contest. Let see what happened to the cute Luma close to get his candy on the sketch, it’s like a story appeared and this creation is alive.

CLICK HERE for the Speedpainting video


Artist: Suika (See full post here)
After Moxxi and Lilith, Gaige want sensual time

I really love this drawing, Suika made a wonderfull illustration, really sensual and detailed. As example as if I4m not a huge fan or piercings the one one Gaige nipples are cool and there is also a huge work with shadings. For the second part feel free to take a look at the speedpainting video (here) to see more about Suika‘s technique and power… That’s always really interesting to see how an artist work.

CLICK HERE for the Speedpainting video


Artist: Lunakiri (See full post here)
Rosalina and her OC Adrian dressed as Dratini

here is the winner illustration from “Your dream by… Edition 5” made by the so lovely and amazing Lunakiri. I received some excellent ideas and it’s Ren’s idea that Lunakiri chosen: “Adrian as a Dratini in a pool with Rosalina!“. Congrat to Ren and thanks to all participants.

CLICK HERE for Inking video

CLICK HERE for Coloring video


Artist: GrilloFernandez (See full post here)
Elfe Rosalina and witch Nidalee from League of Legends

I missed Halloween but really wanted to have Rosalina with witch Nidalee, that suit is so beautifull as sexy so it’s finally ended with a mix into Rosalina as Lutin and congrat to GrilloFernandez for his amazing work. I love his style and that’s so powerfull to have a speedpainting of his work… °w°

CLICK HERE for the Speedpainting video



Artist: Lunakiri (Full post coming soon)
Rosalina as cowgirl with another powerfull cowgirl

I was so happy with the result of the speedpainting from Lunakiri‘s livestream that I completely forgot to make the full post on the blog after post the video on youtube. Just noticed it while adding the video here and must add the illustration to the blog soon, really sorry Lunakiri.

CLICK HERE for the Speedpainting video


Artist: Vaiderman (See full post here)
Rosalina and Nidalee from League of Legends with her witch suit

It was a 3 hours livestream, not enough to finish the Rosalina as you can see on the video but it was amazing… If you are curious guys don’t hesitate to follow Vaiderman’s Hentaifoundry (here) and Livestream account (see it here). Maybe you will see me a day at Vaiderman‘s livestream.

CLICK HERE for the Speedpainting video

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