#064 – Solo – Sadness Rosalina

Ok… Ok… Not so much updates here but I’m really budy looking for a job and you can be sure my love with Rosalina will never die and it must be the same for the blog. Sincerely I don’t have so much time and also troubles to find artists. Maybe because crisis they are more into commissions than requests or suggestions… U_u


I learned a new word recently; it’s “kinky” but as you can see it wont be really helpfull for today publication. this so adorable and sad Rosalina was made as request by Yuri4US. Thanks so much for your kindness and this lovely piece, she look so cute and innocent… °w°

I really love this illustration for two reason. The first is that Yuri4US made an beautifull Rosalina, so pure and innocent as the true Nintendo princess that I fall in love since the first time I saw her. After all she don’t need to be naked with open legs to be gorgeous but so bad Yuri4US drew her to look so sad. I only want to come and give her a HUGE hug and lot of tenderness.

The other reason I love this piece is that it’s traditional art. As if it don’t look so powerfull as digital illustrations just think that when you draw a traditional piece like Yuri4US, you don’t have ctrl-z so you must do it great at first and it need great power. At the end there is also an illustration that nobody will be able to copy/paste… the true drawing… Want it… °w°

Now if you are curious to see more illustration from Yuri4US don’t hesitate to take a look to his deviantart profile (here) and if you prefer more “kinky” there is some pervert and sexy ladies waiting for you in his gallery… Now I’m sure you are more interested… XD

Artist: Yuri4US / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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