#053 – Solo – Cute Rosalina

The objective of the blog is to pair Rosalina with various girls, like this people looking for fanarts or this character must see her with Rosalina and (I hope) see how she’s beautifull… The idea is great but if I don’t publish more it wont be great so let’s start… Oh yeah… XD

Today it’s a really lovely bust but I also received an adorable illustration featuring Rosalian and Chii for Chobits. The second one will be for the end of the week so stay turned guys and don’t forget that a little comment is a great support for the blgo and also the artist…

Today an amazing drawing by DelacroixLegion who already drew Rosalina as warrior that you can see on the right (click on the illustration for the full post) and he came back with an other so lovely drawing and I’m so happy to show it to you. Simple cute and adorable, Rosalina don’t need more to show how she’s beautifull and sweet… Love this drawing… °w°

In fact if you look at the blog there is a lot of solo illustrations arround here, it must look a little special like the original project but Rosalina is for me the more beautifull and cutest girl in the world so see artist draw her so lovely and adorable… That’s so powerfull… Thanks so much everyboby and thanks DelacroixLegion for contribute again to the project with this so pretty illustration…

A lot of artist draw her in a more sexy way but she don’t need to to be beautifull…I fell in love with Rosalina when I discovered her playing at Mario galaxy, not with a sexy fanarts and for me she’s still an amazing girl and I hope you will have the same feeling after see the blog… Though not use to fall in love with her (or you will have problems) but you must admit how she’s beautifull and splendid… (^o^)/

Don’t hesitate to take a look to DelacroixLegion profile. For the moment he don’t have a huge gallery but some really interesting piece lie a cute Elizabeth from bioshock and a dangerous vempire ready to fight with you… DelacroixLegion is a really pleasant artist who really need more support and comment but take care of the vempire… Mwahahaha…

Artist: DelacroixLegion / Cost: 0$ (gift)

Added to wishlist: 3 girls from Viper GTS (see it here)


  1. Eromanboy

    That hair is amazing, and so is the eye. D: All in all a very fine piece of art.

  2. Rosalina x Girl

    Yeah, first time I see her with this eye color and the result is so beautifull… thanks for the comment my friend… ^^


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