#329 – League of Legends – Tristana N°3

Contest is done, huge post finished and all prizes sent. Now it time to restart with other drawings and new projects. No time to be lazy because the blog restart… Oh yeah… XD

So as you can see on the right, there is new buttons and also a new page: Luma avatars (click here). The idea is to pick avatar in all drawing I receive and use it to create a sympathic and original avatar… Don’t hesitate to take a look everybody and maybe it’s time to change your..

By the way, each time a new avatar will be created I’ll show it on the post like this one on the right. So you will know each time a new avatar will be added… I hope you like it guys… ^^


Before the Rosalina x Girl contest (result here), I published a Rosalina x Tristana than I commissioned and I had the great surprised to see than KnightCream who accept to contribute to the blog with a request finally paired Rosalina with my favorite League of Legends character so this really powerfull duo is back again… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

when I started to play League of Legends, Tristana was free for a week and I had so much fun to play with her, for a timorous guy like me she was perfect and I love the character. In fact I now only play Tristana and Lux (many stun) but I’m not interested by other champions, I only buy then with big… Hem… For my collection but Tristana is still my favorite, she’s really lovely, funny and as you can see she can be really pervert too. Thanks so much KnightCream for this amazing piece… I hope you like it too guys. For a lot of people Tristana is not so gorgeous as Akali or Katarina but with KnightCream style she must have a great place in your pervert hear… XD

I love the idea of Tristana meeting Rosalina expecting a little date with Teemo (Since I hear than Tristana and Teemo are in love in their description I really hate this guy… Kill Teemo!!!). Finally Tristana met Rosalina… Like KnightCream said in the description ” Astronaut Teemo took Tristana on a “date” into space where they found Rosalina. She looked rather lonely so Tristana decided to give her company “. What a great introduction… °w°

KnightCream style is amazing and there is some great details on his drawing. Lumas are really funny, one plating with balls (you wanted to suggest something drawing the luma with two “balls” KnightCream?), the other tickling his mama andthe third in Tristana gun… Now Rosalina have a new tool to conver Lumas into comets… Eh eh…

Luma is an important part of Rosalina but here the more important is Rosalina and Tristana, they look so hot having a lot of fun together (fisting scenes are damn exciting). Rosalina face is so lovely and tristana is really expressive too… There is some powerfull details in reference to Rosalina and Tristana, it’s one othe the best pairing I have with a girl from Lol… Thanks so much for your kindness and this awesome contribution KnightCream..

Artist: KnightCream / Request

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