#312 – League of Legends – Tristana N°2

I wanted to make the post with the result of the contest for today but it was a really busy week-end and my cat had some problems so after a little visit to the veterinarian and 300$ no time and money… Didn’t expected than veterinarians can be so expensive but the cat is fine and ready to caught mice again so that’s nice… ^^

Result of the contest and all participants in two days, prepare yourself guys… ^^


League of Legends again, this time Rosalina meet Tristana for the second time (and the third is still ready). I know than Tristana is not the sexiest character from this game comparate to Akali nurse, nidalee maid or other but she’s really my favorite girl from this game so really wanted to show this pairing again… ^^

For people who know Tristana I think you noticed than she’s not really like in the game. Sincerely I found a drawing (on the right) and thought Tristana is simply amazing like this so I sent to Camiart1 this drawing as reference for Tristana for my commission and I must admit than I love the result, Camiart1 really did an amazing job… I hope you like it guys… ^^

The first sketch than Camiart1 sent me was really different, Tristana wasn’t really like I expected but finally on his second suggestion the sketch was just perfect… Rosalina and Tristana sharing an intimate moment together, that’s sexy but also romantic, sensual adding a little funny touch with Rosalina wearing Tristana’s goggles. The line was Camiart1 really increased his level for this drawing and comparate to his gallery this time it’s a level up… So much powerfull as I expected, thanks for you efforts Camiart1… (^o^)/

A really bad new for the end because Camiart1 said in Hentaifoundry than he leave the site and ”will update when I know where I’m going. The bogus “quality” control here is shit‘… As me Camiart1 have a really nice level and can’t say this drawing is a shit… so guys don’t hesitate to let a little comment support to Camiart1 on his Hentaifoundry profile (here) or send him a mail at camiart01@gmail.com. And if you want to commission him don’t hesitate, Like Camiart1 prices and style is an interesting deal… ^^

Cami, my friend… Pease come back soon… U_u

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