September 25th 2019 – Mario Kart Tour

Another mobile game following Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World this game was available worldwide on September 25th (a day earlier for users who pre-registered) with exceptions of Belgium and Vietnam who banned games with loot boxes in 2019. Rosalina was added later on October 8th.

Rosalina’s special item in the game is the Dash Ring (In pre-release it was the Boomerang Flower).

Halloween costume: October 22th 2019

For the Halloween Tour 2019 was added a a separate playable character Rosalina wearing a witch outfit. Only appearance change, she has the Dash Ring as her special item like her normal counterpart.

Game announced: January 31th 2018 (during a financial briefing)
Rosalina added with October 8th 2019 update as a Super character

Available: Worldwide: September 25th 2019 in 163 territories
Closed beta test for for Android from May 22th to June 4th 2019


November 2007
Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

Rosalina and Lumas first appearance, in this game she appeare to Mario after Peach is kidnapped explaining that Bowser attacked her Comet Observatory to stole the Power Stars and requests help get them back. After collecting enough stars to power the ship, Rosalina flies the observatory to the center of the universe for the final confrontation with Bowser.

November 1st 2007 is the date many people consider as Rosalina’s birthday.

Game Available

Japan: November 1st 2007
Europe: November 16th 2007
USA: November 12th 2007
Australia: November 22th 2007


April 2008
Mario Kart (Wii)

First game with Rosalina as playable character. You can unlock her winning the star Race in 150CC (1st place) or if you have a save from Mario galaxy (unlocking Rosalina directly when you start the game).

Same weight as Bowser but a bonus speed and a lovely Luma floating around her during the race (he’s missing on Mario kart 7 (3DS) btw)

Interesting detail, since Mario galaxy wasn’t released and available on South-Korea, it’s the first this country can “officially” discover Rosalina on a Nintendo game.

Game Available

Japan: April 10th 2008
Australia: April 24th 2008
Europe: April 11th 2008
USA: April 27th 2008
South-Korea: April 30th 2008


May 2010
Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii)

Bad surprise, Rosalina only appear as a shadowy form named the “Cosmic Witch” or “Cosmic Spirit” to help in levels where the player has died multiple times and take controle of Mario to make him finish the level. The first Rosalina appearance with her real form is during the ending movie.

Don’t worry, there is a way to admire her as in Super Mario Galaxy 1 when you finish the game collecting all 250 stars. She appear before give you the 251th star before she stay on your ship forever, Oh yeah… °w°

For this game, Nintendo wan’t so fast to make it available for all countries. It started in USA in May 2010 but South-Korea had to wait untill January 2011 to see the game available on the country. Other curious detail, it was available for USA before Japan… surprising… O_o

Game Available

USA: May 23th 2010
Europe: Jule 11th 2010
Japan: May 27th 2010
Australia: July 1st 2010
South-Korea: January 20th 2011


December 2011 – Mario kart 7 (3DS)

After the Wii time for the 3DS version with Rosalina here as playable character. You have to win the star Race in 150CC (1st place) to unlock her.

As for Wii version, she have the same weight as Bowser but not sure about speed bonus, also the lovely Luma floating around her was removed. You have now Rosalina in 3D but compare to Wii it’s not the same quality and she also don’t have biker suit since there is only karts available on this version. Once again, available dates are close for Japan, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia but South-Korea had to wait 5 moth before enjoy the game. I wonder what is the main reason.

Game Available

Japan: December 1st 2011
Australia: December 3rd 2011
Canada: December 4th 2011
Europe: December 2nd 2011
Australia: December 3rd 2011
South-Korea: May 31th 2012


November 2013 – Mario 3D World (WiiU)

Rosalina is unlockable as the fifth playable character in Super Mario 3D World and first time Rosalina is playable in a Mario platformer game. To unlock her, return to World 1 after defeating Bowser and talk to the Sprixies, they will build you a rocket to World Star. Rosalina will appear at the end of the second level of the world, and after completing it she will become playable in any level. Oh yeah… °w°

As Peach floating, Toad running fast and Luigi with high julp, Rosalina have a special abilities: the Spin Jump and the Spin Attack, Like Mario in the Super Mario Galaxy series.

Rosalina announced – November 13th 2013

Nintendo officially announced Rosalina as fifth playable character character during the Nintendo direct in November 13th 2013. It was a little video showing “10 things you don’t know about Mario 3D world” and it was the 10th new…

Game Available

Japan: November 21th 2013
Europe: November 29th 2014
USA: November 22th 2014
Australia: November 30th 2014


November 2013 – Mario Island tour (3DS)

Rosalina appears in Mario Party: Island Tour for the Nintendo 3DS. In this games she’s present as non-playable character on the space themed board: Rocket Road, where she waits at the end of the board for the winner and also appears in the celebration for a victory on this board.

As if Rosalina is not a playable character Nindendo didn’t forgot her like in Mario Tennis on 3DS. Rosalina was intended to appear instead of Luma suit but was replaced bacause the developers did not have enough time to model another complex character.

Available dates are also really surprising, USA received 1st the game on November. After that europe and Australia had to wait two month and Japanese guys four month… surpriseing Japan is so late compared to other countries. Also, South-Korea is still waiting for the game.

Game Available

USA: November 22th 2013
Australia: January 18th 2014
Europe: January 17th 2014
Japan: March 20th 2014


May 2014 – Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS)

If like me you are not a huge fan of golf this game can’t sounds really interesting (as if not so bad once you played it) but it’s not the same thing after Nintendo announced what will inside the 3 DLC packs who will come with the game. And for sure there is Rosalina is inside the 3rd one… °w°

Special way to unlock Rosalina

The game have 3 DLC that you can buy separately of a pack with all 3 included for a limited time, each one give you 3 new stages and a new character to play with. Rosalina appear on the last one “Star pack” who was released on June 19th 2014.

Game Available

Japan: May 1st 2014
USA: May 2nd 2014
Europe: May 2nd 2014
Australia: May 2nd 2014

DLC pack available

Japan, Europe, USA and Australia: June 19th 2014


May 2014 – Mario kart 8 (WiiU)

Compared to Wii or 3DS versions, there isn’t special conditions to unlock characters. Each time you win a cup and have at last a star, a new character is unlocked randomly. It mean you can unlock Rosalina and Baby Rosalina directly at start or at the end if not luck.

So who will be your favorite, the strong and Heavy Rosalina to push your ennemies as for the Wii and 3DS versions or try this cute and lovely baby version damn fast?

Rosalina announced – December 18th 2013

As if it was expected, Nintendo officially “announced” that Rosalina will be available by showing her on the 2nd Mario kart 8 trailer. You can see her on a bike a few time (yeah, it come back)… \(^o^)/

Baby Rosalina announced – April 30th 2014

Nintendo announced so many characters during a live video. The more important is that after baby Peach, Daisy, MArio and Luigi, it’s now time for Baby Rosalina to join the game. IF you like Rosalina but don’t want to play with heavy characters, you kow what you have to do…

Game Available

Japan: May 29th 2014
USA: May 30th 2014
Europe: May 30th 2014
Australia: May 31th 2014


September/October 2014 – Smash Bros. 3DS
November/December 2014 – Smash Bros. WiiU

I consider Rosalina as the mroe beautifull girl in the world and not I also have a reason to say “powerfull”. She’s officially a fighter on Smash Bros. (3DS & WiiU). Fighting with her Luma who can attack and also be used a shield (poor guys), Rosalina is slow but strong character and can make really dangerous combos.

Interesting thing, Japan had the 3DS version 3 weeks before the rest of the world (lucky bastards) but they had to wait a week after other for the WiiU version.

Rosalina announced – December 18th 2013

It was the same day as Mario Kart, A new Smash. Bros. trailer announced Rosalina to join the newcomers. In fact the community already had a doubt since there was a stage inspired by Mario Galaxy appearing on the first Smash bros. trailer and now it’s confirmed. A wonderfull video to announce Rosalina here..

Available on 3DS

Japan: September 13th 2014
Europe: October 3rd 2014
USA: October 3rd 2014
Australia: October 3rd 2014

Available on WiiU

Europe: November 28th 2014
USA: November 28th 2014
Australia: November 30th 2014
Japan: December 5th 2014


December 17th 2014 – Collectable Badge Center
Menu ni kazareru – Batsu toreru Senta

Only available on Japan 3DS at first and available a year later on the rest of the world, the collectable badge center is kinda as a crane game (claw machines). The goal is to collect badges from various Nintendo series that you can use to decorate the Home menu of your 3DS. Each day you can play on a training machine and get a chance win tries for the real machine and then win badges to use ton your home menu or can pay to have a go (5 plays for 99yen, $1 or 1€).
There is a machine rotation and new badges come regularely, Nintendo is adding more badges and there is a few with Rosalina from the Mario kart series, Mario party or St valentine theme. Can see all of them on the menu on top left corner and some machines that hold Rosalina badges on the bottom.


June 2015 / October 2015
Yoshi’s Woolly World (WiiU)

Rosalina don’t appear at all on this game but her amiibo will unlock a pattern for Yoshi based on the character and that you can see on the corner illustration. I wasn’t sure about list this game but the Rosalina amiibo give a bonus and design that is linked to Rosalina, I thought it was interesting mention it as for Metroid Prime Blast Ball.

Game Available

Australia: June 25th 2015
Europe: June 25th 201
Japan: July 16th 2015
USA: October 16th 2015


November 2015 / January 2016
Mario Tennis Ultra smash (WiiU)

10 years after the Gamecube version in 2015, here is a new Mario tennis games coming for the WiiU. Was powerfull to discover Rosalina join but once again you feel that Nintendo really consider her as secondary character cause she was revealed way after the first teaser during 2015 E3

The game also got a really bad rating and feedback cause it lost all that crazy things that made the gamecube version so fun. This on is much more realistic and limited. Only the giant mushroom add some particular gameplay but when your opponent get one you can just do your best and survive before he kick your ass. Also (for now), no function to play online with friends.

Once again Japan got the game two months after the rest of the world. Maybe Nintendo wanted to check for bugs and fix them before sell on Japan but the game never had updates.

Game announced: June 16th 2015 (during E3)
Rosalina announced: October 22th 2015

Nothing between the first teaser during E3 revealing Mario, Peach, Bowser and Toad and then the main trailer on November showing Rosalina with a suit close to the one she have on Mario golf then.

Game Available

US / Canada: November 20th 2015
Australia: November 21th 2015
Europe: November 20th 2015
Japan: January 28th 2016


January 2016 / April 2016
Mini-Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challenge (3DS & Wii U)

A little game based on the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series with close gameplay and many elements from said series. The game is free on both WiiU/3DS but you must have an amiibo to play, you can use Mario, Diddy Kong, Luigi, Rosalina, Toad, Bowser, Princess Peach, Bowser Jr., Donkey Kong, and Yoshi to unlock miniature versions of those characters with special abilities or use any other to play basic stages.

All characters listed have a unique power in the game, Rosalina have a galactic jump to reach high height places. These powers allow you to reach special places in stages and get bonus or the character-themed worlds with four stages each, Galactic theme for Rosalina of course… °w

Game Available

Japan: January 28th 2016
North America: April 28th 2016
Europe: April 28th 2016
US / Australia: April 29th 2016


February 2016 / April 2016
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (3DS)

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is an sports title following the Olympic Games series which is the fifth instalment on the Mario & Sonic series, along with the Nintendo 3DS version. Like the other games, it takes place in the host city of the Olympics of the corresponding year, being Rio de Janeiro.

This year Rosalina join the Mario team as playable characters in all competitions. You can find some gameplay videos to see her and be sure don’t miss how ravishing she looks in Gymnastics suit, it turn her so sweet and pretty sexy too. °w°

Game announced: June 16th 2015 (during E3)
Rosalina announced: March 14th 2019

It was 9 months since the E3 teaser to get a full trailer and then see more about some playable events and playable characters in both teams. First time for Rosalina in the series but she’s now here… °w°

Game Available

Japan: February 18th 2016
North America: March 18th 2016
Europe: April 8th 2016
US / Australia: April 9th 2016


June 2016
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Wii U)

Compared to the 3DS version availagne earlier in 2016 (see it below, the game was release at same time Rio 2016 Olympic Games begin. All the world got it at same time compared as it happen with other games, just a day earlier for Japan.

Nothing special on WiiU version compared to 3DS, stages and characters are the same. At last this time you can enjoy it (and especially Rosalina) in HD with much better graphics. The game was also criticised for being too similar to past instalments of the Mario & Sonic series, place and a few stages change but the more important is here: Rosalina joined the series.

Game Available

Japan: June 23th 2016
Australia: June 24th 2016
Europe: June 24th 2016
US / Canada: June 24th 2016


June 2018
Mario Tennis Aces (Switch)

New game from the Mario Tennis series that looks way more enjoyable than WiiU version with several new mechanics added but turning the game also more complex to manage and make it feel like more like a fighting game due to it’s speed and intensity.

Rosalina is sure present with a light change on her design, mostly one her shoes that appear more decorated. She was also present as unlockable character on the online tournament demo version.

Game announced: January 11th 2018 (Nintendo Direct Mini)

Game demo: June 1st to June 3rd 2018

Temporary free online tournament with Rosalina unlockable

Game Available – Worldwide: June 22th 2018


December 2018
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch)

Main properties. of the Ultimate version is to includes all characters from all previous Super Smash Bros. games so since Rosalina was available in WiiU version as the 48th character introduced on the Smash. series

Light edit on her design with a lace touch on her sleeves but no more information about changes in her fighting style for now.

Game announced: March 8th 2018 (Nintendo Direct)
Rosalina announced: June 12th 2018 (During E3)

Game Available – Worldwide: December 7th 2018

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