Your dream by… Edition #01

Vempire choosed his favorite idea:

Hey!, was looking at all the characters and ideas,I like the idea of rosalina clones, and how detailed the VenomSymbiote request was, love the oc of Myria,  but well I need to chose one, and i found the rachel character from resident evil really sweet, i think Im going for this one by Tallon.

  #01 – Tallon:

It would be awesome to see rosalina in a wetsuit with one of the girls from resident evil revelations jessica, rachel, or jill either in battle or sharing an intimate moment.

And there is the final illustration:

Yeah,Vempire saw the winer will be a Resident Evil girl and he finally choosed to pair Roslaina with Rachael Foley. I’m really happy Vempire choosed her, she’s my favorite R.E. girl, maybe because she have some similarities with Rosalina hair style (eye hidden) and I really love that detail. Maybe that’s why Rachel and Shermi from KoF are so amazing… ^^

I was really excited with this drawing, I know Vempire art is really amazing and it must be a new really powerfull illustration but I’m also sad because this drawing is the last of our deal who started more than a year now. After 9 epic and and incredible Rosalina illustration it’s the end. I hope I will be able to Vempire again in the futur but it’s like a part of magic who left… U_u

But no time to cry and celebrate the end of this first edition of Your dream by… Vempire. I hope this vent will continue with other so powerfull artists. Not easy to beat Vempire but I hope to see you here for the second in semptember… Oh yeah..

Once again congrat to Tallon who won this edition and also a huge thanks to Vempire for his amazing work. As you can see his art and style are so powerfull and incredible so don’t hesitat to take a look to his Hentaifoundry account(See it here).

I concluded this post saying Vempire didn’t just draw an amazing piece but also made an alternative versions: one really sexy that you can see below but there is also and second illustration made for the soft blog Rosalina and Girl. In this one Rosalina look so beautifull with this dress and Rachel still pretty sexy… Thanks so much Vempire for your amazing work, pleasy stay the talented and pleasant artist I know… \(^o^)/


Ask what you want and Vempire will draw it…

– You choose what you want, situation, second girl, position, clothes… etc…
– Don’t forget the name of The blog, it’s Rosalina x Girl… ;p

– Describe your idea with a comment at the bottom or send me a
    mail at

– At the end, the artist will choose his favorite idea and draw it.

– So don’t hesitate to participate to see your dream come true.

Edition #01 (july 2013) – Your deam by Vempire…

The artist who participate to this edition is Vempire who contributed a lot on the blog, I made a deal with him last year and for the final drawing I decided than I wont choose it myself but use the amazing power of Vempire to start this new project. You can see more of his art in his Hentaifoundry account (see it here), his Deviantart account (see it here) or look at his previous drawings for the blog.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at what he draw in general to ask him something who can work with his style and of course can be fun to draw. It must be better if you want a chance that Vempire choose your idea but if your have some fetish or things you love don’t hesitate and maybe yoru dream will come true… °w°

End of the event? July 31th

You have untill July 31th to participate to the contest, more than a month so take your time. You can make a really detailed description or a rough idea and let more freedom to the artist. It’s more fun and fair for him in that way but don’t forget to include your personnal fetishs untill it’s not scat or guro.

Actual participants and ideas:

  #01 – Tallon:

It would be awesome to see rosalina in a wetsuit with one of the girls
from resident evil revelations jessica, rachel, or jill either in battle
or sharing an intimate moment

  #02 – Armadillo:

Rosalina and Vanille from Final Fantasy 13. I’ll leave the position to
the artist to decide, but if they could have a little bit of cum on them
it would be perfect 😉

  #03 – VenomSymbiote:

The “inspiration” for my request comes from this image
Basically, I would like a picture of Rosalina in a sexy pose similar to the one the girl has in the sample photo. She should be wearing some erotic, white lingerie. She should be topless, with special emphasis placed on her large breasts (her pussy should be “clean” i.e., no hair.)

The background panels should also follow the example of the sample picture, with various views of her body in the lingerie, stripping- however, I would like to request that panels themselves be left “intact”- that is to say, your picture should show those exact same shots, just with Rosalina instead.
The sample picture depicts the girl only until right above her knees. I would like Rosalina’s full body to be shown.

She should be wearing some nice heels with stockings and shouldn’t appear to be embarrassed about being nude, but I think Rosalina be a bit airheaded, so a smile on her face would work great. I would prefer no sound-effects (“boing!”) within the picture, but if you happen to find a way to insert them without them being intrusive, than I am okay with them.

  #04 – Ethan:

I would like to see Rosalina and Monara a Dr. Graevling Character in a position for the artist to decide.

  #05 – Anonymous:

Rosalina and Salverion’s oc Myria (click to see her).

  #06 – Pete:

It would be good a picture of her and Samus, somethng like swimsuit or just tops off, in a pose that you could decide.

  #07 – Anonymous (again):

How bout 2-4 Rosalinas kind of cat-fighting stripping and fondling one another in a faux Super Smash Bros type scene.

  #08 – Anonymous (what else):

Hmm, I’d love to see Rosalina and Ahsoka Tano from the Star Wars Clone Wars series doin’ some 69 action on the beach 😛

  #09 – Anonymous (4th):

Do you know vanessa from phineas and ferb? well her kissing and fingering rosalina. optional extra bonus points if one of them is pregnant but that’s up to you

  #10 – DesoPL:

I thinked about Saphayia and Rosalina, puting each other dildos to ass or pussy. ^_^ Or something romantic like naughty kisses. Reference?: Best piece what i find. 🙂