Pyjama Party

I expected this project to become the main of my blog but due to some relationship problems with Merethide it might be I’ll never talk her about Rosalina or maybe never talk again with her. She said I’m just here to abuse of her kindness and always for asking new drawings with Rosalina but Merethide is (or was) one of my best friend and I’m really sad it turned in thay way… For people who know me or in general you can imagine than it’s not easy for me don’t talk about Rosalina but I’m a huge fan of Merethide and really want to support her. she have an awesome style but not enough fan so I did my best encourage her to continue draw but at the end she see me as an egoist and profiteer… That’s so stupid… T_T

So I’m not sure this story will see the light a day but really want to show it. The idea was Jade (Merethide’s OC) invited Rosalina, Peach and Daisy to a pyjama party at her house but when Rosalina come, Jade accommodate her in lingerie and finally Peach and Daisy can’t come to the party.
Jade explain to Rosalina than it’s an “adult” pyjama party (that’s
why she wear lingerie). Rosalina embarassed said she don’t have clothes
like that so Jade show her room where she prepared some outfit for
Rosalina in case of she don’t have something great (and sexy) to wear
for the party.

In the first part of the story you can
see than Peach and Daisy are finally here: in a little room with some
toys and accessories supervising everything happend in Jade’s house with
some motinors control. You can also see the bathroom on a screen (not
happend for the moment), maybe something will happend here… ^^

was the original ideas, Merethide did some pages and illustrations
about the story. sincerely I hope this story will continue, the idea is
just awesome, must hink about that.

For the moment you have the line of the 3 first pages and also 3 illustrations than you can see on the top. Dialogues are in french for the moment but if you want I can add a translattion, don’t hesitate to ask guys, it will be a pleasure to see than you take the time visit the page an take a look at the story… ^^